Elerd Kingdom


Civilized Areas

Bijumir is located in the NW corner of Elerd Kingdom.

Nasdaim is located on the southern coast.

Cerity Praha Castle is in central Elerd.


Deren Aim

Frand Aim

Rien Aim

Nigle Aim

Wild Areas

Hidden Sanctuary
Deren Aim
Bijumir the fore
Fertile Land
Terawhale Habitat
Dragon Statue
Den of Grave Robbers
Choice Earth
Pioneering Earth
Buried Sanctuary

Armankache's Oak
Frand Aim
Brave Road (NW)
Guidance Forest
Spirit Forest
Fatal Lake
Spirit Forest
Mercy Road (NE)
Revenant Forest
Heaven Way
Loyal Road (SE)
Brain Road (SW)


Grain Coast
Rien Aim
Nasdaim the fore
Terawhale Habitat
Salt Machine
Sand Beach
Turtle Beach
South Helm
Middle Helm
North Hellm
Lassie Bark Camp

Rotten fall
Nigle Aim
Painful valley
Shadow Gorge
Trial Road
Dark Way
Rotten Whisper
Dawn Gorge

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