Rear Land


Rear Land is a PvP area available after completing the Job Change quest.

The mobs have a high spawn rate. Lower level mobs are found around the edges.
The highest level mobs, and the best experience, are found in the center, or Mid, area.
The second best areas are along the edges near the Mid area.

Rear Land is divided into three areas:
1) Jarit's Garden, usually just called the garden, for levels up to 30
2) Ancient Factory for levels 31 to 45, usually called the full name to prevent confusion with the Kerman/Mercus Factory.
3) Dimension Crack, or DC, for levels 46 to 60

So when you see messages for slots in DC mid it is a party looking for 46 to 60 players for the Dimension Crack.

Rear Town is notable for selling high level potions, cloaks and up to level 42 weapons and armor.

Novice Shield

If you are killed by another player in Jarit's Garden you get a 9 minute Novice Shield.
This prevents you and your Summon or Tamed Mob from being attacked by another player.
Also note that it prevents other players from buffing or healing you, AND it prevents your heal-type pet from healing you as well.
If you attack another player, the Novice Shield will disappear.
The Novice Shield does not exist in the Ancient Factory or Dimension Crack.
Also called the n00b shield.

Jarit's Garden (Levels 12 to 30)

L15 Rear Buzz
L20 Rear Insect Diba
L25 Rear Armorbeatle
L30 Rear Elemental

Level 15 - Tamed Moss Stone Statue
Level 25 - Tamed Haute

Gardeners at each corner
Elerd get NW (Entrance 1) and SW (Entrance 2)
Rogwel get NE (Entrance 1) and SE (Entrance 2)

Ancient Factory (Levels 31 to 45)


Lv 35 Rear Spider
Lv 40 Rear Crystalwing
Lv 40 Rear Machine Spander
Lv 45 Rear Heavycore

Level 35 - Tamed Silape
Level 45 - Tamed Lost Keeper

Town Teleporters at each corner
Rogwel get SW (Entrance 1) and SE (Entrance 2)
Elerd get NW (Entrance 1 ) and NE (Entrance 2)

Dimension Crack (Levels 46 to 60)

L50 Rear Cruel
L55 Rear Burningmad
L55 Rear Crooker
L60 Rear Drakoon

Level 55 - Tamed Chiron (in the lava in mid)

Town Teleporters at each corner
Rogwel get SW (Entrance 1) and SE (Entrance 2)
Elerd get NW (Entrance 1) and NE (Entrance 2)

Rear Town


Steam Submarine - to return to Elerd or Rogwel

Battlefield/Arena - for 1v1 PvP

Tool, Accessory, Armor and Weapon Merchants

Warehouse NPC

Manufacturing Machine
Refining Machine
Neosteam Charger
(no Craft NPC or Material Exchange NPCs)

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