Republic of Rogwel


The Republic of Rogwel is the main southern continent of the Neo Steam World.

Civilized Areas

Deeren Town, a major port and trading center, lies on the western coast of Rogwel.

Ganedine Town lies among the rolling hills of eastern Rogwel.

Gretycos Castle, administrative center of the republic, lies on a fortified peninsula on the southern coast between Deeren and Ganedine.

A subway system links the three areas together.

Guard Posts

The Maynen Guard Post is located just past the Norman Gate and stands between the Lassie Norman barbarian tribe that live in the Chaotic Grounds from the semi-developed area of Cog Beach outside of Deeren.

The Pelken Guard Post was established near the Garden Gate to the northwest of Ganedine.

West of Gretycos Castle is the Dolph Guard Post, the smallest of the four Guard Posts.

The Linverlin Guard Post, also known by its older name of Timberlin, is to the east of Gretycos Castle.

Steam Balloons can be used to travel between the guard posts, towns and Gretycos Castle.

Wild Areas

Deeren Town

Cog Beach
Deeren Town The Fore
Terawhale Habitat
West Coast
Steam Maul Habitat
Sand Way
Fisherman Sante's House
Chiron Nest
Kerman Factory
Ruin Beach
Norman Gate (to Chaotic Ground)

Chaotic Ground
Maynen Guard Post
Dust Gorge
Wild Valley
Crow Gorge
Betrayer Batcher's Camp
Chieftain Kalin's Camp
Garbiz Gate (to Forbidden Area)

Ganedine Town

Warm Breeze Jungle
Ganedine Town The Fore
Wail Lake
Terawhale Habitat
Den of Vantes
Breeze Way
Rough Forest
Lumberman Pilman's House
Garden Gate (to Sorrow Garden)

Sorrow Garden
Pelken Guard Post
Silent Ground
Segrev Ridge
Armorbeatle's Nest
Forgotten Ruin
Sabbath Garden
Sorrow Hill
Ruin Gate (to Forbidden Area)

Gretycos Castle

Forbidden Area
Gretycos Castle The Fore
Eringun Crossroad
Dirty Forest
Dolph Guard Post (W)
Garbiz Gate
Linverlin Guard Post (E)
Ruin Gate (to Sorrow Garden)
Painful Gate (to Breakbelt)
Research Institute
Luin Island
Forbidden Area
Den of Heathens
Lost Gate (to Ceasemill)

Painful Earth
Goat Mine
Kapf Mine
Grill Mine
Trial Ruin
Screamy Trace
Silent Land
Aron Abandoned Mine
Jink Abandoned Mine

Origin of Pollution
Machine Gorge
Junk Mountain
Ancient Warehouse Wreck
Ancient Engine Equipment Wreck
Ancient Manufacturing Equipment Wreck
Ancient Control Room Wreck
Garbiz Mountain
Underground Factory Entrance

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