Normal Light-Heavy armor.

Light Armor Normal
Name Defense Level
Light Helmat 6 9 02-light-helmat.jpg
Light Armor 16 11 02-light-armor.jpg
Light Glove 4 9 02-light-glove.jpg
Light Slacks 8 11 02-light-slacks.jpg
Light Boots 4 9 02-light-boots.jpg


Defender/Paladin Armor Bulk Currid Bronze Composite Aloy Carbinier Eril Carbinier
Weapon Master/Warrior Armor Bulk Brand Scale Brigandine Chain Aquibiers Eril Aquibiers
Mage Armor Novies Kapok Astic Interim Priest Mastery Eril Mastery
Rogue Armor Cross Garbardine Leather Timber Spike Leathishin Eril Leathishin
Craftor Armor Bulk Weve Uncoil Cast Pojest Construk Eril Construk
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