Kingdom of Elerd


The Kingdom of Elerd is the westernmost continent.

Elerd is the home of the Elves with large populations of Humans, Poms and allies from the Taxzn Alliance.

The center of the Elerd Kingdom is Cerity Praha Castle.
The two main towns are Bijumir in the north and Nasdaim in the south.

The Elerd Kingdom is divided into the following areas:
Hidden Sanctuary - location of Bijumir
Grain Coast - location of Nasdaim
Armankache's Oak - central forest between the two towns
Rottenfall - a swamp located southeast of the Grain Coast
Galesville - vast deserts that surround Cerity Praha Castle
Howling Hill - home of the Bark Tribe
Desert of Crimson - an evil desert located south of Galesville


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