Republic of Rogwel


The Republic of Rogwel is the southernmost continent.
Rogwel is the homeland of the Poms with Humans, Elves and Beastkind living in the Republic.

The seat of government can be found at Gretycos Castle.
Deeren can be found to the west with Ganedine in the east.

The Republic of Rogwel is divided into the following areas:
Cog Beach - location of the trading town of Deeren
Warmbreeze Jungle - area around Ganedine
Chaotic Ground - the gorges east of Deeren where the Norman tribe reside
Sorrow Garden - a haunted area between Ganedine and Gretycos Castle
Forbidden Area - the area north of Gretycos Castle
Breakbelt - an abandoned mining area south of the Sorrow Garden
Ceasemill - site of ancient and abandoned factories


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