Carius Laboratory


Carius Lab is where you can summon boss monsters.

Crom Citizenship

You have to get Crom Citizenship in order to get access to Carius Lab.

There are 3 grades of citizenship.

3rd Grade Citizenship
Talk to Piner/Citizenship Manager in Arbitration Town
Bring 60 Lost Stone and 60 Crystal of Earth.
Lost Stone is a fairly common drop from L61 Young Plain Gas Hippos in the Lost Land
Crystal of Earth drops from L66 Gas Hippo of Land and L66 to L68 Chirons at Plain of Destruction.

Pakder/Citizenship Manager in Negotiation Town
Bring 60 Oblivious Leaf and 60 Memory of Earth
Leaf of Oblivion drops from L61 Plain Crowlers and L62 Plain Crowlers Imago in Oblivion Land
Memory of Earth drops from L65 Hungry Chirons in Silent Land outside Negotiation Town

Once you have the 3rd grade citizenship other Croms will talk to you.

2nd Class Citizenship
Talk to Citizenship Manager in Conviction Town
1) 65 microbes
===> Oblivion Maze, Return Maze, Gorge Crossroads

2) 65 Chiron's bones
===> Swamp of Massacre, King Chiron Rear, Swamp of Death, Nest of Molad

3) 65 Truk Charm
Truk Azit, Living of Soldier Leader Lacotan, Red Truk Hunter Azit, Living of Prophet Cagu

1st Class Citizenship

Carius License

Talk to Blanku/Researcher (Negotiation Town) or Tishar/Researcher (Arbitration Town).
These Croms hand out the Carius Licenses and Carius Fuel.

There are 4 Carius Licenses.

Carius License 1
summon Senior Burning Guard
===> get 143 Oblivious Leaf (Negotiation Town)
===> get 143 Lost Stone (Arbitration Town)

Carius License 2
summon Spore King
===> Get 238 Memory of Earth (Negotiation Town)
===> Get 238 Crystal fo Earth (Arbitration Town)

Carius License 3
summon Norman Hero
==> need 347 Decayed Vigor (Negotiation Town)
==> need 347 Mud of Swamp (Arbitration Town)

Carius License 4
costs 5% less Carius Fuel to summon a boss
==> need 474 Splinters of Bloodybath from Tragedy Plain
==> need 474 Crystal of Forest from Opal Forest

Carius Fuel

Talk to Tishar or Blanku to [Change Fuel].

You need Carius Fuel to power the Summoning Machine at Carius Lab.

Exchange 10 items for 1 Carius Fuel.

Tishar/Researcher (Arbitration Town)
Lost Stone (Lost Land)
Crystal of Earth (Plain of Destruction)
Mud of Swamp (Oblivion Swamp)
Splinter of Hot Fight (Splinter of Bloodybath) (Tragedy of Plain)
Certificate of Revolution (any Rupian camp)

Blanku/Researcher (Negotiation Town)
Oblivious Leaf (Sabbath Plain mobs)
Memory of Earth (Silent Land mobs)
Corrupted Tendency (Decayed Vigor) (Decayed Gorge)
Crystal of Forest (Opal Forest)
Believer's Certificate (any Rebel camp)

You need 19 Carius Fuel to summon the Senior Burning Guard.
You need 28 Carius Fuel to summon the Spore King.
You need 47 Carius Fuel to summon the Norman Hero

Carius Laboratory

Talk to Tishar in Arbitration Town or Blanku in Negotiation Town to move to Cerius Lab.

Talk to Darketa/Researcher Assistant to actually begin the summoning.
You need Carius License and Carius Fuel to start the Summoning.

Fighting the Burning Guard
Need Carius License 1 and 19 Carius Fuel

Senior Burning Guard is not that Strong Monster.
But, it's annoying because it uses an interruption attack to prevent you from using skills.
Other than that, you just have to be careful about the reflection wave.
Ah~do you want to know about reflection wave?
It doesn't matter if we can get it or not. It gives no harm.
The damage will be increased if you hit the Senior Burning Guard with Debuff.

Fighting the Spore King
Need Carius License 2 and 28 Carius Fuel

Spore King will be recalled for 30 min at the monster zone.
Normal attack cannot make a big damage.
And because he uses poison skill very much, if you know how to defend yourself from it, you'll be fine.
I don't know if I tell you this
If the spore king uses a skill of recovery field, Do not attack
You will know why if You attack

Fighting the Norman Hero
Need Carius License 3 and 47 Carius Fuel

Norman Hero is a big but good in reaction so he can dodge very well.
Death sign is used skill by Norman Hero many times.
This is a skill that if you don't cure limited time
And use the skills such as rough skills which is reflection wave or recovery fidle
that is a best monster of Carius careful!

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