Some items can be disassembled into materials.

This can only be done by Craftor of at least level 20.
Animators and Engineers use the Inverse Rail skill.
Artifact Makers and Smith use the Inverse Line skill.

Disassembly is done at the Refining Machine.

Only items that can be produced can be disassembled.
Normal items and socket items can be disassembled.
Any items that can be made at the Refining Machine can be disassembled.
Semi-rare and Rare items can not be disassembled.

If disassembly is successful, you are returned the materials used to make the item.
For example, if you successfully disassemble a Dirk [Socket] you get:
Steel Ingot, Inferior Machine Control

If disassembly fails, some or none of the materials are returned.

The higher the disassmebly skill, the greater the chance of success.
The higher the disassembly skill, the more materials are returned on a failure.

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