Base Stats

STR (Strength)
- amount of physical damage

CON (Constitution)
- determines amount of HP
- determines amount of STA (Stamina)
- amount of physical damage

DEX (Dexterity)
- determines Hit Rate
- determines Dodge Rate

INT (Intelligence)
- determines amount of MP
- determines Magical Attack
- determines Magical Defense

Derived Stats

HP (Hit Points)
1 CON = 50 HP

STA (Stamina)
1 CON = 2 STA

MP (Mana Points)
1 INT = 3 MP

Secondary Stats

ATK (Attack)
- amount of damage using physical attacks
- based on STR and CON
- ATK is about STR + CON

DEF (Defense)
- Ability to defend against physical attacks
- determined by Race, Class and Level

M-ATK (Magical Attack)
- amount of damage using magical attacks
- based on INT
- M-ATK is about INT x2

M-DEF (Magical Defense)
- ability to defend against Magical Attacks
- based on INT
- M-DEF is about equal to INT

Hit Rate (Attack Rate)
- higher hit rate means more attacks
- based on DEX
- Hit Rate is DEX x2

Dodge Rate
- ability to avoid attacks
- based on DEX
- Dodge rate is DEX/2

Stats Analysis

Stats Analysis

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