Chat Channels

From Omelet:
The fact of the matter is that this is the Global English server, we do not discourage use of
foreign languages in PMs, Guild Chat, etc. , but since World Chat is common ground we
kindly ask that players use English.

Taken from the post by Hesperus on the forums:

Brief Overview of Channel Commands
/chjoin [channel name] —> Create a channel, or join a preexisting channel.
/chlist —> Shows all channels that you are currently in
/chquit [channel name] —> Leave channel
&[channel name/number] [message] —> Speak in a channel.

Players who speak or want to speak Pinoy could type: /chjoin Pinoy
Some other players might speak or want to speak Classical Latin; they could type: /chjoin Latin

Let us assume that PlayerX understands, and wants to speak Pinoy, as well as Classical Latin, she would type:
/chjoin Pinoy
/chjoin Latin

If she typed '/chlist', the chat window will show something like:
[SYSTEM] : 1. Pinoy
[SYSTEM] : 2. Latin
This indicates channel number, followed by channel name.

Now, if she wanted to say something to everyone in the Pinoy channel, she would type:
&Pinoy [message]
&1 [message]

Likewise, if she wanted to say something to those in the Latin channel, she would type:
&Latin [message]
&2 [message]

So if she typed '&Latin Salve Amici!' in the chat window, it would appear to everyone in the channel as:
&Latin(PlayerX) : Salve Amici!

Finally, if she got bored of speaking Classical Latin, she could type:
/chquit Latin
to leave the channel

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