Defenders can use not only a shield for a perfect defense but also several
support healing and buff magics. So they can be the strong shield of the
party by their physical strength and magical support strength.

Roles: Tank, Rezzer, Buffer, Healer

One-Handed Blunt
One-Handed Blunt x2
Two-Handed Blunt
Two-Handed Spear
One-handed Blunt + Shield

Race Selection

Luife and Taroon get the most Con of any race for more HP, Attack and Stamina.

Lyell get more Dex than other races for better Attack rate and Defense rate.
Lyell also get just a little bit more Con than other other races.

Job Comparison

vs Paladin
Defenders get the same Blunt, Shield and Buff skills as a Paladin.
Defenders can heal and rez while Paladins can Summon.

vs Weapon Master/Warrior
Defenders get the same Blunt skills as a Weapon Master/Warrior.
Defenders get more Shield skills.
Defenders can't use Spears, Blood Mania, Magic Attacks.
Defenders can Buff, Heal and Rez

The Buff skills for a Defender cost a little bit less MP when compared to any Mage job.

The Plain Heal skill for a Defender costs a little bit less MP when compared to God Callers/Summoners.
The cast time and cool down time for Plain Heal for a Defender 1s cast and 30s cool down.
God Callers/Summoners have a 3s cast time with a 5s cool down.

Group Healing for a Defender requires less MP, has a shorter cast time, but a longer cool down.


Defender BLUNT
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L1 Bluntback 130 instant 20s 8 STA +6 STA
L3 Back Attack 160 instant 20s 10 STA bonus dmg for back attack, taunt
L6 Dual Weapon passive wield two one-handed blunts
L11 Muscle Break 160 instant 35s 10 STA attack debuff
L14 Vein Break 160 instant 35s 16 STA defense debuff
L20 Impale Doom Enemy's Attack instant 50s 20 STA +13 STA AOE stun
Defender BLACATE
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Low Counter instant 60s 12 STA +8 STA damage reflect
L11 Noble Shield self buff instant 10s 16 STA +11 STA defense self-buff
L14 Hard Chopper % of shield instant 30s 12 STA self heal
L14 Dwell Hero instant 60s 20 STA +13 STA attack self-buff
L17 Duty Front instant 60s 20 STA party defense buff
L20 Dwell Deity instant 60s 24 STA +15.5 STA STA and ranged attack defense buff
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Divine Defense instant 1s 5 MP +4 MP defense buff
L11 Divine Weapon instant 1s 5 MP +4 MP attack buff
L14 Double Rush instant 1s 5 MP +4 MP +30% movement buff
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Plain Heal 2100 1s 30s 10 MP
L11 Noble Reward 1200 instant 30s 11 MP heal + cure
L14 Group Healing 1250 2s 20s 14 MP
L17 Resurrection 5s 60s 36 MP revive dead player

Neosteam Jobs
Starting Jobs: Fighter Mage Craftor Rogue
Elerd Jobs: Warrior Paladin Wizard Summoner Smith Engineer Ranger Assassin
Rogwel Jobs: Weapon Master Defender Rune Caster God Caller Artifact Maker Animator Tracker Shadow Walker
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