Rune Caster


elf-rune-caster-novies.png Uses Attack Spell and Debuff skills
Has healing and cure spells
Can wear Robes and wield a Staff
Can stun and slow enemies


Rune Casters have the same skills as Wizards
Wizard Guide by Mille [Official forums]



Rune Casters can make the enemy weaken by debuff spells and get
the better of their enemy with various magic attacks. Their magical power
is the most powerful strength.

Roles: Magical Damage Dealer, Debuffer, Healer

Two-Handed Staff

Race Selection

Luife and Lyell Mages get less Int for less Magic Attack, Magic Defense and MP.

Job Comparison

vs Wizards
Rune Casters and Wizards get same skills.
Rune Caster cast Ice-based magic while Wizards use Fire-based magic.

vs God Callers/Summoners
Rune Casters get more Attack Spell skills.
Rune Casters can heal, but not as well as God Callers/Summoners.
Rune Casters can't Buff or Summon.

vs Fighers/Craftors/Rogues


Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L1 Ice Bolt 90 1s none 3 MP
L3 Vice Touch self buff instant 40s 5 MP +4 MP convert HP into MP
L6 Ice Tendril 90 AOE 1s none 5 MP
L11 Liquid Blade 200 2s none 6 MP
L14 Power Staff self buff instant 30s 10 MP +7 MP defense self-buff
L17 Mind Breaker 240 2s 20s 11 MP stun, works vs immune state
L20 Tornado 300 AOE 1s 20s 17 MP snare, works vs immune state
L25 Gracer % enemy's str 5s 50s 29 MP
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Poison varies instant 10s 5 MP +4 MP poison
L11 Slow debuff instant 5s 4 MP +3 MP 13s, +3s/level, works vs immune state
L14 Inferior Swift AOE debuff instant 10s 4 MP +3 MP attack speed debuff, 15s +5s/level
L17 Sleep debuff 1s 10s 5 MP +4 MP 7s, +2s/level
L17 Stun debuff 1s 10s 8 MP +6 MP 7s + 2s/level
L20 Cursed Mind AOE debuff instant 10s 5 MP +4 MP defensive debuff, stun
L25 Cursed Property instant 60s 11 MP +8 MP target takes 10% more dmg
Rune Caster REST SPELL
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Healing 400 2s 5s 7 MP +5 MP
L11 Teleport 5s 60s 11 MP +8 MP
L14 Invisible instant 3min 14 MP +10 MP

Neosteam Jobs
Starting Jobs: Fighter Mage Craftor Rogue
Elerd Jobs: Warrior Paladin Wizard Summoner Smith Engineer Ranger Assassin
Rogwel Jobs: Weapon Master Defender Rune Caster God Caller Artifact Maker Animator Tracker Shadow Walker
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