The Manufacturing Machine has five uses.

Combine Item

This allows anyone to add a Core Machine to a socket item.

The socket item has to be unequipped and in your inventory.
Click on the Manufacturing Machine and select [Start Combination].
Put the socket item in the left box. Put the core machine in the right box.
Click on [Combine] to make a Modern Steam item.

This will succeed 100% of the time. There is no chance of failure and no items will be lost.
The Core Machine cannot be disassembled or removed from the Modern Steam item.
A Modern Steam item cannot be combined with a different Machine Core.

Item Reform

This process uses gold, neosteam and soul crystals to add random bonuses to an item.

Item Upgrade

Combine a weapon with a Seril Stone to add more damage to the weapon.
Combine a piece of armor with a Serillone to add more defense.

Upgrading an item to +3 will always work.
Upgrading past +3 there is an increasing chance of failure.
An item can be upgraded to a maximum of +10.

See: Item Upgrade for more information.


This can only be done by a Smith (Elerd) or Artifact Maker (Rogwel)

Weapons: One-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Sword, One-Handed Blunt, Two-Handed Blunt, Two-Handed Staff
Armor: Head, Upper Armor, Glove, Shield, Lower Armor, Boots, Robe, Cape, Belt
Materials: Gears and Pistons

can make socket weapons, up to level 103
can make armor up to level 94
can make capes for level 15/35/55/75/90
can make belts up to lv 106
Pistons are used to make Core Machines


This can only be done by Engineers (Elerd) or Animators (Rogwel)

Weapons: Two-Handed Gun, Two-Handed Bow,
Accessories: Necklace, Earing, Ring, Bracelet
Items: NS (neosteam) Tank, Core Machines
Materials: Neosteam Engines (Core Machines) and Machine Controll (weapons)

can make weapons up to Lv 103 with or w/o socket
can make Neosteam Tanks F through A (neosteam capacity 1600 to 10000)
can make accessories (necklace/ring/bracelet) up to 106

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