The Market allows you to sell and buy items with other players.

The Market is accessed by talking to the Warehouse Manager in any town or castle.

You can see a list of all available items or select to view items in certain categories.

Any item you buy is deposited in the Warehouse and has to be withdrawn.
Make sure you have enough open slots in your Warehouse before buying an item on the Market.

You can sell items on the Market.

There is a commission fee to sell items on the Market based on the amount of time the item will be for sale.
It costs 2% of the selling price to place on item on the market for 12 hours.
24 hours costs 4%.
72 hours costs 8%.

The item to be sold has to be in your inventory (not equipped or in the Warehouse).
If the item is not sold within the specified time period, it will be returned to the Warehouse with 50% of the fee.
Make sure you have enough open slots in the Warehouse or you might lose the unsold item.

If your item sells, you will be notified by a system message.
If you are offline when an item is sold, you will see a message next time you login to your account.

Try to sell common items for twice what you would get if you sold the item to a NPC merchant.
If the item you are trying to sell is less than twice the NPC Merchant price, there might be too many of the same item for sale.

Any item that is +4 or higher or has a Special Upgrade can be sold for a lot higher than a common or semi-rare item.

Items that have Required Level -5 will also have higher prices. However, this isn't exactly the case with high level weapons, i.e. lvl 66 and above. Weapons that give Required Level -5 usually have a lack of other bonuses. Most come with just a Str/Int boost. High level players will mostly want weapons that give more bonuses, such as Def and HP, or Atk and Atk Speed, rather than getting a weapon they can hold 5 levels earlier with subpar bonuses.

If you are not sure what is a good price for buying or selling an item, ask in world chat or watch the Market for a couple of days.

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