What does it do?

Used as "ammo" for bows and guns
Used to power Steam Machine/Machine Skills
Used for Steam Balloon
Used when Manufacturing or Refining
Used to power Steam Walker

Store in Neosteam Tank
Some weapons add neosteam capacity

Neosteam Charging Machine

Located in each town and castle

neosteam-charging-machine-1.png neosteam-charging-machine-2.png

Neosteam Permission

Starts at 500 Neosteam at level 1
+500 Neosteam every 5 levels starting at level 5
Neosteam is distributed every hour, resets Neosteam permission

Neosteam Charging Price

Level 1 to 15 = free
Level 16 to 50 = 1 gold per neosteam
Level 50+ = 2 gold per neosteam?

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