NPC Merchants

General Info

NPC Merchants can be found in towns, castles, and outposts.
Outposts are Rogwel Guard Posts, Elerd Aims and the bases at Rope Isle.

Castles and Towns will have every type of NPC merchant.
Outposts (Guard Posts, Aims, Rope Isle bases) will only have a Tool merchant.
Rear Town in Rear Land has all the NPC Merchants except for a Pet Tamer.


Normal prices are found at Ganedine, Nasdaim, Cerity Praha Castle, Gretycos Castle and Rear Town.
NPC merchants in these places will buy back an item at 30% of the normal price.

Discounted prices are found at Deeren and Bijumir.
NPC merchants will sell items at a 5% discount.
NPC Merchants wil buy items at 35% of the normal price.

Tool merchants at Guard Posts and Aims sell items at a 10% increase over the normal price.
The tool merchants at the outposts will still buy items at 30% of the normal price.

Tool merchants at Rope Isle sell items at a 20% mark-up over the normal price.
Rope Isle Tool merchants will buy items at 30% of the normal price.

Humans and Taxzn Humans get an additional 10% discount on merchant prices.
There is no difference when selling to a merchant.

A middle STA potion normally costs 1,600 gold

Location Cost Human or
Taxzn Cost
Castle/Ganedine/Nasdaim 1,600 1,439g 480g
Deeren/Bijumir 1,520 1,367g 560g
Outpost (Guard Post/Aim) 1,760 1,583g 480g
Rope Isle 1,920 1,727g 480g

NPC Merchants

Pet Tamer

NPC Tool merchants sell:
- potions
- items needed for skills
- flight maps
- low level crafting items
- low level core machines
- social items

NPC Armor merchants sell armor:
- Light armor
- Light-Heavy armor
- Heavy armor
- Robe

NPC Weapon merchants
- One-handed weapons (swords, blunt)
- Two-handed weapons (swords, blunt, spears, bows, rifles, staffs)

NPC Accessory merchants sell:
- belts
- necklaces
- earrings
- rings
- bracelets

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