Patriotism And Ranking


Patriotism is earned in the following ways:
- killing a player from an opposing nation in PvP
- you get 100 Patriotism for winning the Battlefield
- completing an assassination mission (repeatable)
- completing the Sedin Unit missions for Elerd and Alban Unit missions for Rogwel (non-repeatable)
- from a PvP event

When killing a player in PvP, patriotism earned is related to the level of the player killed?

During the weekly maintenance, Patriotism is reduced by about 20%.


Patriotism is used to rank players.

Patriotism Rank Elerd Rank Rogwel Rank Symbol
1st place for each job Lord Knight Imperator ranking-10.png
2nd place for each job Chief Knight General ranking-09.png
3rd and 4th place for each job Shakti Knight Commander ranking-08.png
5th, 6th and 7th place for each job Dragon Knight Captain ranking-07.png
all jobs Vajra Knight Leader ranking-06.png
all jobs Senior Knight Platoon Leader ranking-05.png
all jobs Knight Captain Officer ranking-04.png
all jobs Knight Solider ranking-03.png
all jobs Apprentice Scout ranking-02.png
all jobs Peasant Trainee ranking-01.png

The amount of Patriotism needed to earn a certain rank varies by:
- how much Patriotism you have relative to others with your job
- how much Patriotism you have relative to other players

You need to have at least 1 Patriotism to get a rank.

You can see your Patriotism and Ranking in the Character window (press the C key)

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