Elerd Quests Mercus Factory

Lv 50 - Qualification of Factory Entrance (Roland in Bijumir)

[55Lv] Condition to Enter Factory
1. Talk to Roland in Bijumir, located near the entrance across from Quest Keeper
2. Collect 10 Chiron's Leather from Chirons at Chiron's Nest/Habitat
==> Steam Balloon from Bijumir to Mercus Factory Entrance
3. Kill L56 Ral Chiron
4. Talk to Roland
REWARD: Metal Scales Leather x58, 43750 gold, 393500xp

Lv 55 - Reserve Warrior Kailo (Bijumir)

[56Lv] Warrior Aspirant Kailo
1. Talk to Kailo at Bijumir by the Steam Balloon
2. Collect 20 Claw of Hell Hound from L57 Hell Hounds inside the Mercus Factory
REWARDS: Magic Granted Potion x67, 25k gold, 240k xp

Lv 55 - Danger in Chiron Nest (Martin in Bijumir)

[60Lv] Danger in Chiron Nest
1. Talk to Martin in Biumir across from the subway
2. Kill 2 Hell Keepers inside Mercus factory
REWARDS: Gold Serillone, Magic Greseed Cloth x67, Metal Scales Leather x54, Denic El x15

Lv 55 - Interruption of Factory Supply Route (Thrall in Cerity Praha)

[60Lv] Disturb of Supplying Factory
1. Talk to Thrall inside Cerity Praha Castle
2. Collect 10 Supply of Merkers Factory from Supply Carriers in Mercus factory
REWARDS: Stan Ingot x42, 37500 gold, 1152000xp

Lv 55 - [R] Ancient Weapon Phoenix (HIDDEN)

[65Lv] Ancient Weapon Phoenix
1. Talk to Rikel in Bijumir (south of the Battlefield by a tree}
2. Kill the Phoenix in the Mercus factory
REWARDS: Gold Seril Stone, Stan Ingot x77, Life Crystal x35, Denic El x25

Lv 55 - Genius Maestro Kal Serban (HIDDEN)

[65Lv] [R] Genius Maestro Kal Serban
1. Talk to Karan/Maestro inside Cerity Praha Castle
2. Kill Maestro Kal Serban inside the Mercus Factory
REWARDS: Gold Serillone, Stan Ingot x64, Solid Bark x39, Kay El x2

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