Elerd Guild Quest
[15Lv] Guild Official Permission Test
1. Talk to Ion/Guild Manager at Cerity Praha Castle
2. Kill L14 King Spider at Buried Sanctuary
==> Steam Balloon from Deren Aim to Buried Shrine
==> go NW from flag
3. Talk to Ion
4. Collect 5 Chanoan herbage at Brain Road
==> Go to Frand Aim and head south along road
==> look for a tall, brownish shrub
5. Talk to Ion
6. Collect 3 Leaf of Re-Plant from L15/16 Replants at Loyal Road and Mercy Road
==> Go to Deren Aim and go south
7. Talk to Ion
8. Get Certificate of Cashbox in Revenant Forest within 20 minutes
==> Go to Rien Aim
==> Go north to Loyal Road
==> Continue north into Revenant Forest
==> Keep going north along east coast
==> located at 23042/28954
9. Talk to Ion
10. Get Sword of Guild Master
==> Ion will warp to Desert Island
==> Sword is guarded by L16 Soul of Sword
==> Use Warp Gate to return to Ion with Sword
warps to Competition Area at Cerity Praha
11. Talk to Ion
REWARD: Certificate of Guild

Making a Guild

1. Complete the Guild Creation Test
2. Talk to Ion with the Certificate of Guild in inventory
3. Type in Guild name
Guild name will appear between square brackets: [Guild]

Guild Management

Talk to Ryuseaz to increase the guild level.

Guild Level 0: 30 total guild members

Guild Level 1: 40 total guild members
Need 15 guild members
Total guild member levels must be at least 600
Need 7 million gold

Guild Level 2:

Guild Level 3:

Guild Quests

[15Lv] Duplication Spy Rontas
1. Go to Buried Shrine and kill Rontas
REWARD: Senum El x20
[16Lv] Hunt for Reward (Horn tee mcran)
1. Kill Horn Tee Mcran at Loyal Road
REWARD: Senum El x25
[21Lv] Crime Group Gratan's
1. Go to Shade Forest and kill Gratan
REWARD: Senum El x32
[24Lv] Dark Summoner
1. Go to Fatal Lake and kill Rock Tee Mcran
REWARD: Senum El x38
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