Elerd Quests Levels 1 to 10

Lv 1 - Favor of Merchant, Pula Green (Bijumir)

1. Talk to Pula Green (NW Origin of Light)
2. Collect 5 Needle of Pula Green from L3 Young Poopoo outside Bijumir
3. Talk to Pula Green
REWARDS: Senum El x2, 650 gold, 360xp

Lv 2 - Favor of Btepe (Bijumir)

1. Talk to Btepe (by the Dragon Temple, NW Bijumir)
2. Talk to White Boader outside Bijumir to get fishing rod
3. Collect 10 Spiderweb of Thorn Spider from any Spine Spiders
4. Talk to White Boader
5. Collect 5 Poopoo's Fur from L6 Poopoo
6. Talk to White Boader
7. Talk to Btepe
REWARDS: 1200 gold, 540xp, Unknown Reward (Brand Armor)

Lv 3 - Underground Water Pollution (Have in Nasdaim)

Lv 3 - Underground Water Pollution
1. Talk to Have
==> From Square, take the east stairs going up
2. Get sample of underground water from sample collector in front of town
water collector at 13987/14784
3. Talk to Have
4. Kill L5 Clucky Kinshell by the water collector
REWARDS: Albor Staff, Senum El, 1200 gold, 720xp

Lv 4 - Favor of Craft merchant (Brogy Meld in Nijumir)

[ 6Lv] Craft Merchant's Request
1. Talk to Brogy Meld (SW Origin of Light)
2. Collect 2 Alloyed Drill of Spin Header from L6 Spin Headers
3. Talk to Brogy Meld
REWARDS: Uni Necklace, 320 gold, 360xp

Lv 3 - A bet with Tierry (Nijumir)

1. Talk to Tierry (SW Origin of Light)
2. Pay 1000 gold
==> Warp to Bijumir the Fore (09129/42485)
3. Collect 10 Poison Purse of Long Hair Spider from L4/L5 Long Hair Spiders
4. Talk to Tierry
==> Warp to Bijumir the Fore (10368/41006)
5. Kill Spine Spider Header
6. Talk to Tierry
REWARDS: Novies Robe, Senum El, 3300 gold, 540xp

Lv 5 - Get rid of the kinshell! (Linef in Nasdaim)

Lv 3 - [5Lv] Terminate Kinshell
1. Talk to Linef/Guard Leader
2. Collect 10 Kin Shell from kinshells
3. Talk to Linef
4. Kill Kinshell header (L6)
5. Talk to Linef
REWARDS: Dirk, Senum El, 1320 gold, 540xp

Lv 3 - Favor of Ildin (Nasdaim)

1. Talk to Ildin (take east stairs up)
2. Collect 10 Buzz Mail Wing from Buzz Mail
3. Talk to Ildin
REWARDS: Senum Elx2, 800 gold, 360xp

Lv 4 - Lunchbox Delivery (Al Brame in Nasdaim)

[ 6Lv] Lunch Box Delivery
1. Talk to Al Brame
2. Deliver lunch box to Pavlan/Subway manager
==> From square take stairs north
3. Talk to Al Brame
4. Kill 2 Lassie Bark Invader
==> more south of flag
5. Talk to Al Brame
REWARDS: Mist Belt, 1400 gold, 900xp

Lv 6 - Bounty Hunt:Sea Turtle (Linef in Nasdaim)

1. Talk to Linef
Warp to Grain Coast South Helm 17431/17759
2. Collect 10 Sea Turtle Shells from Sea Turtle Warriors
3. Collect 5 Sea Turtle's Staff from Sea Turtle Mages
4. Talk to Linef
REWARDS: Wave Glove, Senum El, 1500 gold, 1260xp

Lv 6 - Guard Fray (Nasdaim)

1. Talk to Fray
==> Warp to Nasdaim the Fore (13365/15131) , go north
2. Talk to Grenke?
3. Kill 3 Hans Brother
4. Talk to Grenke
5. Talk to Fray
REWARDS: Thin Leather x12, 4320 xp,

Lv 8 - Sorrow of Anxur (Bijumir)

1. Talk to Anxur (wanders around east gate of origin of light)
[10Lv] Anxur's Sorrow
Warp to Den of Grave Robbers (16253/41209)
2. Kill Justi Grave Robber's Sub Leader Eldan (L10)
3. Talk to Anxur
REWARDS: Small Shield, Senum El, 500 gold, 720xp

Lv 8 - Favor of Guard (Alisia in Bijumir)

1. Talk to Alisia by east gate
==> Warp to Hidden Sanctuary Den of Grave Robbers 18791/40044
2. Collect 8 Grave Robber's Weeding Hoes from Justi Grave Robber's Unit
3. Collect 5 Bandit's Dagger from Jasti Grave Robber's Members
4. Talk to Alisa
5. Talk to Serniel
==> Warp to Den of Grave Robbers
6. Collect 8 Grave Robber's Pendant from warriors and mages
7. Talk to Serniel
REWARDS: Sanum El, 2950 gold, 3960 xp, unknown reward (Heavy Mace)

Lv 10 - Sea Turtle Wizard (Linef in Nasdaim)

[10Lv] Sea Turtle Wizard
1. Kill Sea Turtle Wizard at sand beach
2. Talk to Linef
REWARDS: Senum El, 3k gold, 1800xp

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