Elerd Quests Levels 11 to 20

Lv 11 - Guard Nibblelame (nasdaim)

1. Talk to Guard Nibblelame at gate to Nasdaim
[13Lv] Guard Nibblelame]
Warp to East Helm
2. Kill 8 Young Giant Shell (L11)
3. Kill 5 Giant Wing Buzz (L14)
REWARDS: Neosteam Tank E, Senum El x5, 1300 gold, 1440 xp

Lv 11 - Find out Oldrian! (Ashgine in Nasdaim)

1. Talk to Ashgine in Nasdaim by the Temple
==> Warp to Middle Helm
1. Talk to guard Rusa
2. Go east to Lassie Bark Camp
3. Talk to Oldrian (laying on ground)
4. Talk to Ashgine
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Senum El x8, 4k gold, 7200 xp

Lv 14 - Astrologer, Arias (Bijumir)

1. Talk to Arias in Origin of Light (SW)
==> Warp to Brave Road
2. Click on the altar
3. Kill the L15 small Replant near the Altar (not by flag)?
==> Loot Steam Conduct Bead
4. Click on the Altar to replace bead
==> go south and find path going NE
==> follow path to second altar at 18570/32476
5. Click on second Altar
6. Go north over Bridge and kill L18 Lost SOul of Forest to loot Black Crystal ball
7. Click on 2nd Altar to fix it
==> Go NE to 3rd Altar (20654/34623)
8. Click on 3rd Altar
9. Return to Arias
REWARDS: Bronze Solerlet, Denic El, 13130 gold, 23832 xp

Lv 15 - Get a Guerin Paste (Frink in Gullet Path)

[16Lv] Get Guerin Pool
1. Talk to Frink in Gullet Aisle at 42254/07589
2. Talk to Blizia in Bijumir to get gerin paste
3. Talk to Frink
REWARDS: High Nutrition, 1110 gold, 10173 xp

Lv 16 - Deiron (Deiron in Intestinal Path)

1. Talk to Dayron in Intestinal Path (42784/04512)
2. Kill L18 Dayron
3. Loot Frank's Box from corpse
4. Talk to Frank in Bijumir (Origin of Light)
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, 2310 gold, 19944xp

Lv 16 - Searching inside Terawhale (Lesanine in Bijumir)

[18Lv] Inner Terawhale
1. Talk to Le Sanine outside Bijumir
==> Search into the intestinal path of Terawhale
2. Go to Terawhale Habitat and click on Terawhale to enter Mouth
3. Click on arrow and tickle uvula to go into Gullet Aisle
4. Find arrow to Gastric Room
5. In Gastric Room kill L20 Huge Moss Stone
==> Huge Moss Stone spawns with 2 L18 Moss Golems
6. Click on arrow to enter Intestinal Aisle
7. Talk to Lesanine
REWARDS: Silver Serillone, 1306 gold, 13116 xp

Lv 17 - Grocery Clerk, Roenin (Bijumir)

[19Lv] The Grocery Clerk
1. Talk to Roenin, Wanders in Origin of Light
==> Warp to Brave Road 15252/35619
==> go south
2. Talk to Rusaick
3. Kill L19 Rusiack
4. Talk to Blooming
5. Kill L17 Blooming
6. Loot Blooming corpse to get Necklace of Blooming
7. Talk to Roenin
REWARDS: Denic El, 2k gold, 18k xp

Lv 17 - Job Offer Post (Bijumir)

Lv 17 - Job Offer Post (Bijumir)
1. Talk to Job Offer Post
==> warp to Deren Aim
2. Talk to Ryuizy
==> warp to Revenant Forest
3. Get Pendant of Death from L22 Spirit of Evil
4. Talk to Postine's body at 20079/32362
5. Kill L22 Evil Spirit of Postine
6. Talk to Ryuizy
REWARDS: Denic El, 7k gold, 32393xp

Lv 18 - Protection of Terawhale (Lesanine in Bijumir)

[20Lv] For Terawhale
1. Talk to Le Sanine outside Bijumir
2. Find end of Intestinal Aisle (43819/04340)
3. Kill the two L15 Wooden Trunk to enter Stomach Room
4. In Stomach Room, collect 12 Moss Herbage from L19 Moss Stone
5. Go into Heart Room
6. Click on Parasite and detach using the 12 Moss Herbage
7. Kill L30 Calicota
==> spawns lower level mobs, all mobs in room will aggro and assist
==> Bring plenty of Med HP potions,
==> If someone dies, kite all mobs around room until person can return
8. Talk to Le Sanine
REWARDS: Mass Produced Steam Rider, 7k gold, 48240xp

Lv 18 - Unknown Mage (Deren Aim)

[20Lv] Unknown Mage
1. Talk to Unknown Mage
==> Experience, Trust, Faith, Sacrifice
==> Mercy, Courage, Loyalty, Wisdom
==> Warp to Brain Road, 13796/26877, go east
2. Collect Water of Wisdom from L18 Spirit of Wisdom
3. Talk to Unkown Mage
4. Collect Fire of Courage from Soul of COurage at Brave Road
==> Steam Balloon to Brave Road
5. Talk to Unknown Mage
==> Warp to Dragon Statue, kill the L14 Unknown Enemy
6. Click on the sparkles
==> Warp to Unknown Mage
7. Talk to Unknown Mage
8. Kill L22 Evil Keeper in Shade Forest
9. Talk to Unknown Mage
REWARDS: Senum El x8, 7k gold, 39600xp, unknown reward (Scale Armor)

Lv 20 - Rear Land (Ernas in Cerity Praha)

This quest doesn't seem to be active yet

Lv 20 - Despair Swamp Invasion Base (Azwen in Nigle Aim)

[20Lv] Swamp of Despair Invasion base
1. Talk to Azwen/Bishop at Nigle Aim
2. Kill Wootz/Unit Leader at Rottenfall Invasion Base in Republic of Rogwel
==> go to Nigle Aim
==> go west to Painful Valley
==> go south and follow wall to the west
3. Talk to Azwen
REWARDS: Steel Ingot x56, Denic El x6, 16800 gold, 18k xp
L20, 1 Soul Crystal, Senum and Denic El

[20Lv] Protect the Siege Weapon! (HIDDEN QUEST)

1. Talk to Karian/Sedin Unit outside of Nasdaim
1. Talk to Hidis at Loyal Road in Armankache's Oak
==> go to Rien Aim and got north
2. Click on the sparkly next to Hidis to enter Byroad
==> Warp to Loyal Road
3. Click on Burning Attacker to west
4. Kill 10 L25 Alban Unit
5. Open Inventory and click on Burning Attack to dismount
6. Click on Byway to go back to Hidis
REWARDS: 5500 gold, 26400 xp, +500 patriotism

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