Elerd Quests Levels 21-30

Lv 21 - Trainee Isya (Air in Frand Aim)

[23Lv] Trainer Isya
1. Talk to Isya/Trainee in Guidance Forest (16145/29277)
==> go east from Frand Aim
2. Recover Supply of A'ishah from Tarose bandits
==> go north and kill L22 Tarose Bandits
3. Talk to Isya
4. Deliver supplies to Air/Guard at Deren Aim
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Normal Leather x11, Senum El x8, Denic El, 2400 gold, 28800xp

Lv 23 - Fatal Lake (Davias in Frand Aim)

[26Lv] Fatal Lake
1. Talk to Davias at Frand Aim
2. Collect 8 Tooth of Dragoner from L23/24 Dragoners in Fatal Lake
3. Talk to Davias
4. Kill L26 Soul of Destiny
5. Talk to Davias
REWARDS: Senum El x5, Denic El x2, 13k gold, 68400xp

Lv 24 - Ruler of Forest (Davias in Frand Aim)

[26Lv] Ruler of Forest
1. Complete the Fatal lake quest
2. Kill Ruler of Forest
3. Talk to Davias
REWARDS: Denic El x3, 30k gold, 57600xp

Lv 24 - Research Materials (Aileen in Nigle Aim)

1. Collect 5 Saliva of Swamp Manes from Swamp Shade in Rotten Whisper
==> Steam Baloon to Trial Road
2. Talk to Aileen
3. Deliver Research Materials to Ernando in Cerity Praha Castle
REWARDS: Denic El x2, 6k gold, 28800xp

Lv 25 - Rienine in Republic of Rogwel (Kataros in Nasdaim) (R)

[25Lv] [R] Rienine in Rogwel
1. Talk to Kataros/Minister outside the entrance of Nasdaim
2. Kill Rienine/Distribution Manager at Maynen Guard Post in Rogwel
REWARDS: Rendin Ingot x10, Senum El x50, Patriotism +10

Lv 25 - Cieiwen in Republic of Rogwel (Hagios in Bijumir) (R)

[25Lv] [R] Cleiwen in Rogwel
1. Talk to Hagios/Minister outside entrance of Bijumir
2. Kill Cleiwen/Trainer at Dolph Guard Post in Rogwel
REWARDS: Steel Moss x10, Senum El x50, Patriotism +10

Lv 28 - Friendship (Guy in Nigle Aim)

1. Talk to Guy in Nigle Aim (Tool Merchant)
2. Deliver Clipper's Wine to Berno in Cerity Praha (Heavy Armor merchant)
3. Collect a Chora Tiny Hunter's Gun from L30 Choro Tiny Hunter in Lost Land
4. Deliver gun to Jellid in Lost Land
==> west side at 25806/33441
5. Collect 5 Waste Buzz's Gall from L27/28 Waste Buzz
6. Talk to Jellid
7. Collect Waste Insectivorous Flower from L30 Waste Insectivorous Flower
8. Talk to Jellid to get Freshark Brandy
9. Talk to Berno
REWARDS: Senum El x8, Denic El, 9100 gold, 54k xp, unknown reward (Leather Shoes)
correction on Waste Buzz level by pervertfox, 10-18-2008

Lv 28 - Movement of Star (Ernas in Cerity Praha)

[32Lv] Movement of Star
1. Talk to Ernas in Castle
==> Located in upper part of castle in Sabbath Garden
2. Invesitgate the shooting star
==> exit castle to south to Blank Land
==> go east to Storm Desert
surrounded by L31-L34 mobs
3. Click on the rock
4. Talk to the Relic Hunter, Kain Levere
5. Talk to Kiroo
==> go west and a little bit south
==> go to around 27701/25108 and head west into the valley
==> there will be reddish sand
==> kill the L27 Dark Skull Guards
==> enter the Black Refuge
6. Click on the body at 27174/23041
7. Kill the L30 Evil Spirit in Black Refuge
go west and south to find a large underground chamber
8. Talk to Ernas
REWARDS: Denic El x3, 3800gold, 54k xp, unknown reward (L31 Scale Glove)
unknown reward info from pervertfox on 10-18-2008

Lv 30 - Rayerd in Republic of Rogwel (Rayerd in Nasdaim) (R)

[30Lv] [R] Republic of Rogwel Rayerd
1. Talk to Kataros/Minister outside the entrance of Nasdaim
2. Kill Rayerd at Tinberin Guard Post in Rogwel
REWARDS: Solid Bark x5, Senum El x60, Patriotism +10

Lv 30 - Desert Invasion Base (Alkest in Cerity Praha)

[30Lv] Desert Invasion Base
1. Talk to Alchest/Knight Leader at Inner castle at Cerity Praha
2. Kill Baldios/Unit Leader at Galesvill Invasion Base
==> go to Cerity Praha castke
==> exit castle to south
==> in Blank Land go south and east to Storm Desert
==> in Storm Desert go south
==> entrance located at 30666/22083 in Storm Desert
L30 Baldios/Unit Leader
L30 Repaul/Guard, L30 Pilina/Guard
==> use [~] key to attack and loot
==> get Soul Crystal for killing, can loot Denic El from bodies
3. Talk to Alchest
REWARDS: Steel Moss x60, Denic El x12, 33600gold, 56700xp
Denic El, 1 Soul Crystal

Lv 30 - The Alchemist, Cocrin (Post in Cerity Praha)

[34Lv] Alchemist Cocrin
1. Click on the Job Offer Post in Cerity Praha castle (26311/28808) by Battle Manager
2. Talk to Cocrin
==> Go north and exit Cerity Praha to get to Lost Land
==> continue going north, located at 28640/34498
3. Collect 5 Stone Golem's Stone Scraps from L30 Stone Golems in Lost Land
4. Talk to Cocrin
5. Collect 6 Blow Metal's Steel Scrap from L33/L34 Blow Metals in Hollow Land
==> There are a lot of spawns to the far north
6. Talk to Cocrin
7. Collect 3 Giant Stone Golem's Crystals from L34 Giant Stone Golems in Hollow Land
8. Talk to Cocrin
REWARDS: Bronze Plate, Denic El x6, 9350 gold, 79200xp

Lv 30 - Collection of Stocoat (Stocaot in Cerity Praha)

[34Lv] Stocoat's Collection
1. Talk to Stocoat, located at 26936/28592 in Cerity Praha
==> At the stairs leading up from Merchant Road
2. Talk to Philian
==> Go up the stairs near the Guild Manager
==> Warp to Desert Island
L31 Skull Evil Spirit, L32 Skull Evil Spirit Archer, L33 Skull Evil Spirit Arbitrator,
3. Find the sealed box of judge at 06406/21780
4. Click on Box
5. Collect Rib of Judge from Skull Evil Spirit
6. Click on box
7. Collect Skull of Judge from Skull Evil Spirit Arbitrator
8. Click on box
9. Collect Soul Sphere of Judge from Skull Evil Spirit Archer
10. Click on Sealed Box
11. Kill L33 Evil Spirit of Judge
12. Loot Tear of Blood from corpse of Judge
13. Use Warp at north end of island to exit
14. Talk to Stocoat
REWARDS: Normal leather x31, Denic El x6, 8100 gold, 72k xp

[30Lv] Siege Weapon's Attack (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Karian outside gates of Nasdaim
2. Talk to Endusn at Salt Factory
==> Steam Balloon from Nasdaim to Salt Factory
==> go south and talk to Anderson to get Water Cannon
3. Click on byway
4. Click on Water Cannon
5. Kill the 5 Steam Cannons
==> target the steam cannon and use the autoattack key
6. Click on the byway (15576/07253)
7. Talk to Anderson
REWARDS: 11k gold, 81600xp, Patriotism +750

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