Elerd Quests Levels 31 to 40

Lv 32 - Delivery of Special Product (Kama in Cerity Praha)

1. Talk to Kama/Chairman of Merchant Guild in Cerity Praha, Merchant Road
2. Talk to Ruties in Storm Desert (31598/23955)
3. Get Soft Drink from Tiny Galis Hunter
4. Talk to Ruties
5. Get Special Product Box from L32 Huge Sand Assailant
6. Talk to Berit in Nasdaim (wanders in Shop District)
REWARDS: Leather Suit, Denic El x8, 4150 gold, 34200xp

Lv 32 - Broken Bow (Creef in Cerity Praha) (HIDDEN)

[34Lv] Broken Bow
1. Talk to Creef in Cerity Praha, next to the armor merchants
2. Talk to Blutuhorn/Two-Handed weapon merchant
3. Get Well-Dried Water Lilly from L38 Bark Hold Archer in Howling Hill
==> Get to the Central Guard Post in Howling Hill
==> rush to NE corner of Central Guard Post by Life Crystals
4. Talk to Blutuhorn in Cerity Praha
5. Give Cross-stick to Creef
REWARDS: Core Machine <Helmat> Immune Slow, Denic El x7, 3500 gold, 62640xp

Lv 34 - The Demonic Menace (Luque in Cerity Praha)

[36Lv] Demonic groups' threat
1. Talk to Ruque/Guard at North Entrance of Cerity Praha
2. Talk to Rayun/Quartermaster Corp (by Guild area)
3. Kill L34 Demonic Member in SE Lost Land
==> wanders around SE rock pillar
4. Talk to Rayun
5. Talk to Sub Leader of Demonic in western Blank Land
==> SW from the stairs
==> 4 L35 Demonic Members will spawn with L36 Sub Leader of Demonic
6. Kill L36 Sub Leader of Demonic and loot Secret Map from the corpse
7. Talk to Rayun
8. Talk to Ruque/Luque
9. Talk to Philian to Warp
==> Warp to Desert Island
10. Kill L66 Demonic
L35 Demonic Members and L35 Demonic Group Sorcerers
==> clear the adds and kite Demonic
11. Talk to Luque
REWARDS: Arum Staff, Silver Serillone, Senum El x5, Denic El x6, 10500 gold, 223200xp

Lv 35 - Howling Hill Invasion Base (Alkest in Cerity Praha)

1. Talk to Alchest/Knight Leader inside Cerity Praha Castle
2. Kill Tila/Unit Leader at Howling Hill Invasion Base
==> Steam Balloon from Cerity Praha Castle to West Entrance
==> Enter Bark Area and go north past West Guard Post
==> Invasion base in NW corner of Bark Area
3. Talk to Alchest
REWARDS: Life Crystal x6, Kay El x2, 49600 gold, 79002xp
Denic El only, 2 Soul Crystals

Lv 35 - Karen Wedian in Republic of Rogwel (Hagios in Bijumir) (R)

[35Lv] [R]Karenwedian in Rogwel
1. Kill Karenwedian/Transport Manager at Pelken Guard Post in Rogwel
REWARDS: Life Crystal x3, Steel Moss x15, Kay El, Patriotism +10

Lv 40 - Kennwa in Republic of Rogwel (Ugenes in Cerity Praha) (R)

[40Lv] [R] Republic of Rogwel Kennwa
1. Talk to Ugenes/Minister at Merchant Road in Cerity Praha Castle
2. Kill Kennwa, maestro at Deeren Town
REWARDS: Magic Granted Potion x15, Teratinum Ingot x5, Denic El x15, Patriotism +40

Lv 40 - Desert of Crimson Invasion Base (Alkest in Cerity Praha)

[40Lv] Red Desert Invasion Base
1. Talk to Alchest/Knight Leader inside Cerity Praha Castle
2. Kill Eneli/Unit Leader at Desert of Crimson Invasion Base in Rogwel
==> Steam Balloon from Nigle Aim to Cursed Land
==> go SW
3. Talk to Alchest
REWARDS: Stan Ingot x16, Denic El x27, 58800 gold, 107370xp
Denic El, Kay El, 2 Soul Crystals

[40Lv] Get Back the Siege Weapon (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Karian/Setin Unit outside Nasdaim
2. Talk to Rian/Setin Unit at southern part of Devil Tower
3. Click on Portal/Secret Path
4. Click on Rock Breaker
5. Kill all L45 Alban Unit (use Tab and [~] auto-attack)
6. Destroy the L45 Wire Entanglement
7. Open Inventory and click on Rock Breaker to dismount
8. Click on Secret Path
9. Talk to Rian
REWARDS: 17500 gold, 156k xp, +1000 Patriotism

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