Elerd Quests Rope Isle

Lv 50 - Rope Isle Shifting Test (Ryan in Nasdaim)

1. Talk to Ryan/Zeppelin Manager at Nasdaim
2. Bring Ryan 40 Soul Crystals
REWARDS: Life Crystal x50, 5k gold, 72k xp
Costs 3k gold to zeppelin to Rope Isle

Lv 61 - Forest Crawler (Rapner in Tranquility Refuge)

[61Lv] Forest crawler
1. Talk to Rapner in Tranquility Refuge, south of the Zeppelin
2. Collect 10 Sap of Forest Crowler from Forest Crowler in Corrosion Forest
REWARDS: Stan Ingot x37, Kay El x2, 33500 gold, 1031500xp

Lv 63 - Vibration in the Glass Forest (Dikers in Tranquility Refuge)

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