Elerd Sedin Unit Missions


Karian outside of Nasdaim has three Sedin Unit misions.

Each missions allows you to control a Siege Weapon and earn Patriotism.

[20Lv] Protect the Siege Weapon!

1. Talk to Karian/Sedin Unit in front of Nasdaim
1. Talk to Hidis at Loyal Road in Armankache's Oak
==> go to Rien Aim and go north
2. Click on the sparkly next to Hidis to enter Byroad
==> Warp to Loyal Road
3. Click on Burning Attacker to west
4. Kill 10 L25 Alban Unit
5. Open Inventory and click on Burning Attack to dismount
6. Click on Byway to go back to Hidis
REWARDS: 5500 gold, 26400 xp, +500 patriotism

[30Lv] Siege Weapon's Attack (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Karian outside gates of Nasdaim
2. Talk to Endusn at Salt Factory
==> Steam Balloon from Nasdaim to Salt Factory
==> go south and talk to Anderson to get Water Cannon
3. Click on byway
4. Click on Water Cannon
5. Kill the 5 Steam Cannons
==> target the steam cannon and use the autoattack key [~]
6. Click on the byway (15576/07253)
7. Talk to Anderson
REWARDS: 11k gold, 81600xp, Patriotism +750

[40Lv] Get Back the Siege Weapon (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Karian/Setin Unit outside Nasdaim
2. Talk to Rian/Setin Unit at southern part of Devil Tower around 29319/04390
3. Click on Portal/Secret Path
4. Click on Rock Breaker
5. Kill all L45 Alban Unit (use Tab to target and [~] auto-attack)
6. Destroy the L45 Wire Entanglement
7. Open Inventory and click on Rock Breaker to dismount
8. Click on Secret Path
9. Talk to Rian
REWARDS: 17500 gold, 156k xp, +1000 Patriotism

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