Elerd Main Storyline Quests

You can begin the Main Storyline quest after completing the Job Change quest.

(M) [11Lv] The Request of Ruintes

1. Talk to Ruintes (by Subway in Nasdaim)
2. Talk to Argos in Nasdaim
==> Warp to Terawhale Habitat, go SW to lighthouse
3. Click on the old Neosteam Charging Machine to Neosteam Scanner
4. Talk to Argos
5. Talk to Ruintes
==> Warp to South Helm, go north
6. Talk to Teroita
REWARDS: 950 gold, 500xp
7. Talk to Ruintes
REWARDS: Weve Slacks, Senum El x6, 1600 gold, 4320 xp

(M) [11Lv] Looking for evidence

1. Find the scout in front of Nasdaim
==> exit from Nasdaim and go south
2. Click on the body at 12445/13020 to get Patrol Report
3. Talk to Ruintes
4. Go to Bijumir using the Subway
5. Talk to Nakstian (by the Armor merchants)
==> password is Waves
==> if you forget the password go back and talk to Ruintes
REWARDS: 450 gold, 400xp
6. Find the Code-Breaker near the Dragon Statue
==> Can Steam Balloon from Nasdaim to Hunters Field > Dragon Statue
==> Kill the two L14 Unknown Enemy
==> Talk to the Code Breaker (Vagabond)
7. Talk to Ruintes
REWARDS: Silver Serillone, Steel Ingot x5, Senum El x5, 2700 gold, 6k xp

(M) [12Lv] Looking for clues

1. Deliver Steam Holder and Continent Map to Teroita in Middle Helm
2. Get Poison Sac from enemy's camp
==> Steam Balloon to Middle Helm
==> Warp to East Helm 20516/21768
==> avoid the L16 Unkown Enemy
==> go north to ruined building
==> kill the three L14 Unknown Enemy
==> click on the Steel Brazier (21187/23314) to get Poison Sac
3. Talk to Teroita
==> go south to get back to Middle Helm
4. Talk to Croteus in Bijumir
REWARDS: Senum El x5, 3800 gold, 10800 xp, unknown reward (Brand Armor)

(M) [13Lv] Secret of Poison Sac

1. Collect 5 Thorn Wolf Spider Leather from L11/12 Spine Wolf Spiders
==> Steam Balloon to Choice Earth, go east and look for mine entrance
==> run through mine to get to spine wolf spider area
2. Talk to Croteus
3. Talk to Teroita
4. Collect 5 Warmed Poison Sac from L11 Giant Shells
==> go SE from Middle Helm, kill south from the quest flag
5. Talk to Croteus
REWARDS: Nunatak Ring, Senum El x5, 3550 gold, 15600 xp

(M) [14Lv] Getting Frial Wings

1. Talk to Ricky in North Helm
==> Warp to North Helm 18030/22343
Go south
2. Kill the 3 L16 Unknown Enemy
3. Talk to Collapsed Enemy
4. Click on huge rock (blue markings, north of collapsed enemy at 17792/21812)
5. Find 4 neosteam structures
==> click on neosteam structure at 17185/23086
6. Go back and click on huge rock
7. Click on north Neosteam Structure and take 2nd option
8. Click on west NS Structure and take first option
9. Click on south NS structure and take fourth option
10. Click on east NS structure and take 3rd option, NOT 4th option
11. Deliver Fleer Wing Box to Croteus
12. Talk to Ruintes
REWARDS: Senum El x5, 4600 gold, 15120 xp, unknown reward (Sakhum Staff)

Dragon Knight Quests

(M) [15Lv] To be the knight

1. Talk to McTranin/Adjutant outside Nasdaim
==> Warp to North Helm 18087/19310, go north
2. Kill L17 Dragon Neut in North Helm and loot Dragon Neut Axe
3. Talk to McTranin
REWARDS: 700 gold, 550 xp
4. Talk to (Dvius III) Deviers 3rd in Nasdaim, by Zeppelin
5. Talk to McTranin
==> Warp to North Helm 18087/19310, go north
6. Kill 3 L17 Dragon Neut
7. Talk to McTranin
REWARDS: Senum El x5, 2800 gold, 15012 xp, unknown reward (Betula Bow)

(M) [16Lv] Carry on a mission

1. Talk to Teroita at Middle Helm
2. Collect 10 Clipper Shells from L15/16 Creepers in Shadow Gorge
3. Talk to Teroita
4. Kill L18 Enemy's Scout in Shadow Gorge
5. Talk to Teroita
REWARDS: 800 gold, 1100 xp
6. Get Ordnance from Transport Unit
==> exit to east then head north
7. Kill the L16 Unknown Enemy gunners
8. Talk to War Supplies Transport Unit
9. Deliver Ordnance
==> go south of Middle Helm
10. Talk to Stand-By Force Member
11. Press the Nes switch next to the NPC
12. Kill the 3 L16 Unknown Enemy gunners
13. Talk to Stand-By Force Member
14. Talk to Teroita
REWARDS: Broad Sword, Senum El x5, 4100 gold, 43200xp

(M) [16Lv] Goods Supply Warehouse

1. Talk to Kanin
==> go SE from Middle Helm
==> watch out for the numerous L16 Unknown Enemy
2. Kill 6 L16 Unknown Enemy
3. Talk to Kanin
==> Warp to East Helm 19749/18990
4. Talk to Teroita
REWARDS: Gunbird, Senum El x5, 4500 gold, 32400 xp

(M) [17Lv] Information Script of War Situation

1. Deliver Battlefield Condition Report to Greacos in Rien Aim.
==> exit Middle Helm by east and go north
2. Talk to Greacos General
3. Talk to Greacos General again
REWARDS: Core machine <Weapon> Power Breaker MG1, Senum El x5, 1450 gold, 15840xp

(M) [17Lv] The 3rd Assistant

==> Buy Rogwel Flight Map 3 from Tool merchant for 4,070
==> Steam Balloon to Nigle Aim
1. Talk to Woogiel in Nigle Aim
==> Warp to Shadow Gorge, go NE
2. Talk to Lassie Truk Hunter
3. Talk to Uhas/Inner Spy (laying on ground) to get Bloody Memo
4. Talk to Woogiel
REWARDS: Hoplon Shield, Senum El x5, 2450 gold, 46800xp

(M) [18Lv] Lassie Truk tribe's plot

1. Talk to Teroita
==> Warp to East Helm
2. Recover Truk tribe Box from L17 Lassie Truk Warriors
3. Talk to Teroita
4. Kill 8 L18 Creep Skeletons
5. Talk to Teroita
REWARDS: Hand Axe, Senum El x5, 5k gold, 50400xp

(M) [19Lv] Find the Traitor!

1. Talk to Woogiel in Nigle Aim
2. Talk to Crotest in Nigle Aim
==> Steam Balloon to Trial Road
3. Kill 8 L18 Swamp Cleaner
4. Talk to Crotest
REWARDS: 1950 gold, 1800 xp
5. Talk to Woogiel
6. Talk to Orias
7. Deliver book to Jeanne (exit to west and go north)
8. Talk to Orias
REWARDS: 800 gold, 1500xp
9. Talk to Woogiel
10. Talk to Rutenks in Nigle Aim
11. Talk to Woogiel
REWARDS: Sabre, Senum El x5, 7300 gold, 53352xp

(M) [19Lv] First Invesitgation Orias

1. Talk to Orias
2. Talk to Jeanne
3. Collect 5 Skull Crystal from L19/20 Skll Prisoners in Painful Valley
==> go to Dark Way
4. Click on radio at 26021/11134, get password <Black Egg>
5. Talk to Woogiel
6. Talk to Ruteks to get Secret Document
7. Talk to Woogiel
REWARDS: Senum El x5, 6750 gold, 55296xp, unknown reward (Bronze Skirt)

Serdin Unit Quests

(M) [20Lv] The Farfront Unit

quest summary is completely wrong here
==> Steam Balloon to Trial Road and go NE
1. Kill the 4 L22 Shade Guard of Despair
2. Talk to Karipa
3. Talk to Rohutin/Serdin Leader (SW of Karipa)
4. Talk to Raftin/Serdin Adjutant
REWARDS: 6600 gold, 36k xp, Denic El, ? (list incomplete) Thin Leather x40?

(M) [20Lv] Survived Resistance (Level 26 required)

1. Recover Amulet from L22 Lassie Truk Swamp Monster
==> north part of Painful Valley
==> there are a lot of L18 and L20 mobs around the Lassie Truk Swamp Monster
2. Talk to Raftin at SW Trial Road
3. Talk to Agnes
REWARDS: 1250 gold, 1500xp
4. Go back to Painful Valley and click on Warp Device at 24566/14935 (yellow portal)
5. Kill the 2 L20 Lassie Turk Berserkers and L22 Lassie Turk Berserker Leader
6. Loot Kasak Amulet from Leader's body
7. Talk to Agnes
8. Talk to Raftin and be at least level 26
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Steel Ingot x33, Senum El x8, 4k gold, 55800xp

(M) [21Lv] The Secret of Amulet

1. Talk to Mesnet in Cerity Praha
2. Collect 8 Well Witchia in Blank Land
==> exit castle to south
==> go to SW corner, click on plants to collect
3. Talk to to Mesnet
4. Talk to Raftin
REWARDS: Bronze Skirt, Senum El x8, Denic El, 9900 gold, 72k xp

(M) [21Lv] Secret Underground Headquarters

1. Talk to Raftin
2. Warp to the secret Lassie Truk base
==> Go to northern Painful Valley and click on the Warp Gate
==> Warp to Lassie Turk Base
==> L18 Lassie Truk Warriors, L20 Lassie Truk Berserkers
==> L22 Lassie Truk Berserker Leader, L23 Lassie Truk Unit Leader
3. Kill the L23 Lassie Truk Unit Leader and loot the Plan of Campaign
==> Warp Equipment at 06207/23708 to exit
==> go to north end of valley and look for a path going S/SE
4. Talk to Raftin
5. Kill 10 L22 Huge Swamp Monster in Dark Way
6. Talk to Raftin
REWARDS: Scale Armor, Senum El x8, Denic El, 8550 gold, 90k xp

(M) [22Lv] Secret of Lassie Truk tribe

1. Talk to Rohutin
2. Talk to Peacener in Nigle Aim
3. Kill 4 L24 Lassie Truk Hunter Guard in southern Nigle Aim
4. Talk to Swamp Shade Hunter
REWARDS: 1250 gold, 4360 xp
5. Go south and kill the 4 L24 Lassie Truk Hunter Guard
6. Talk to Lassie Truk Conjurator
==> Warp to Desert Island
==> Kill the L22 Bone Prisoners
7. Click on the large skull at 05104/21324 to summon L24 Lassie Truk Conjurator
8. Kill Conjurator and loot Memo from corpse
9. Go south and click on Warp Gate to exit
==> Warp to Rotten Way, go north to get to Trial Road
10. Talk to Raftin
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Normal leather x12, Senum El x8, Denic El, 5850 gold, 84k xp

(M) [23Lv] Messenger Peacener

1. Talk to Peacener at Nigle Aim
2. Collect Bone Prisoner's Bone from Bone Prisoners in Painful Valley
3. Talk to the Black Skeleton Summoner (Skull Black Sorcerer)
4. Kill L24 Skull Black Sorcerer
5. Talk to Peacener
REWARDS: 1250 gold, 3500xp
6. Talk to Raftin
REWARDS: Gothic Hammer, Silver Seril Stone, Rendin Ingot x10, Senum El x8, Denic El, 6k gold, 72k xp

(M) [24Lv] Lassie Truk High Conjurator

1. Talk to Agnes
==> Warp to location of Lassie Truk High Conjurator
==> L25 Swamp Shades, L23 Lassie Truk Hunter
quest summary is wrong
2. Kill L25 Lassie Truk High Conjurator
no Warp Equipment to exit, had to use Town Portal
3. Talk to Raftin
REWARDS: Gunbird, Denic El x2, 8150 gold, 116424xp

(M) [24Lv] Deep Part of Despair Wispher

1. Find the Stone Gate in Rotten Whisper
2. Talk to the Old Man
3. Talk to Raftin
4. Talk to Agnes
REWARDS: Core Machine <Plate>, Denic El x2, 6650 gold, 136368xp

(M) [25Lv] Dragon Slayer

1. Talk to Goren Reich in Nigle Aim
2. Collect 3 Little Hard Creeper's Carapace from L23 Young Hard Creepers in Dawn Gorge
3. Talk to Goren Reich
4. Collect 2 Giant Clipper's Claws from L24 Giant Hard Creepers in Dawn Valley
5. Talk to Goren Reich
REWARDS: Senum El x8, Denic El, 7800 gold, 100800xp, unknown reward

(M) [25Lv] Gorge of Dawn (Level 26 required)

1. Get Bone Stalker Skull from L26 Bone Stalker in Dawn Gorge
2. Click on Cave Entrance at 25013/18037 to enter Inner cave
3. Go north and click on door
4. Kill 10 L26 Spirits of Darkness
5. Click on the gate
6. Clock on the Old Box
7. kill L56 Frick Dragon (easier then it sounds)
8. Loot Freak Dragon's Claw from Frick Dragon corpse
9. Talk to Agens at Sardin Camp in SW Trial Road
REWARDS: Para Necklace, Denic El x2, 4850 gold, 151200xp

(M) [26Lv] Old Stone Gate

1. Go to Stone Gate in southern Rotten Whisper
==> click on gate to go into Inner Cave
==> cave is full of L22 Lassie Truk Berserker Leader
2. Go to center of room and click on Machine Equipment to get Mysterious Rock
3. Talk to Agnes
REWARDS: 300 gold, 3k xp
4. Go back to Stone Gate
5. Click on the Swamp monster in the SE corner
==> (this summons a L26 Rebuilt Swamp Mane)
6. Talk to Agnes
REWARDS: Bronze Helm, Denic El x2, 5700 gold, 84k xp

(M) [27Lv] Master Brick Kaynon

1. Deliver Scroll of Agnes to Brick Kaynon
==> Steam Balloon from Frand Aim to Shade Forest, go NW
==> Guidance Forest at 21253/30058
2. Collect 10 Forest Keeper's Bead from L23/L24 Forest Keepers
3. Talk to Brick Kaynon
REWARDS: 3500 gold, 12350xp
4. Talk to Perin at Loyal Road
==> go west to Fatal Lake then south to Loyal Road
5. Talk to Brick Kaynon
REWARDS: 750 gold, 3k xp
6. Collect 5 Giant Keeper's Bead from Giant Forest Keepers
7. Talk to Brick Kaynon
8. Get Newt Kingpin Skull from L25/L26 Nuet Kingpin
==> rare drop, try looking SE from Brick
9. Talk to Brick Kaynon
REWARDS: Denum El x8, Denic El, 7100 gold, 98280xp, unknown reward (Bronze Helm)

(M) [28Lv] Holy Skull

1. Deliver Holy Skull to Agnes in Trial Road
2. Go the Stone Gate and kill L26 Rebuilt Swamp Shade
==> click on the Shade monster in the SE corner to spawn Rebuilt Swamp Shade
3. Talk to Agnes
REWARDS: Elbe Belt, Senum El x8, Denic El, 7250 gold, 93600xp

(M) [28Lv] Lassie Truk Final Base

1. Talk to Agnes to warp to Lassie Truk Base
2. Kill L56 Lassie Truk Leader
==> clear all other mobs first
==> use Warp gate to return to Trial Road
3. Talk to Agnes
4. Talk to Raftin
5. Talk to Rohutin
REWARDS: Silver Serillone, Rendin Ingot x17, Senum El x8, Denic El, 17k gold, 180k xp

1st Special Forces Quests

(M) [29Lv] Block Way

1. Talk to Connecus at entrance of Block Way
==> go north all the way through Dawn Gorge
2. Kill 5 L27 Block Way Rebels
3. Talk to Connecus
4. Talk to Perses at south entrance of Cerity Praha Castle
REWARDS: Gagen Bow, Denic El x2, 5700 gold, 183456xp
REWARDS: Denum El x8, Denic El, 7100 gold, 98280xp, unknown reward

(M) [29Lv] Scouts in Blank Land

1. Get Patrol Diary from Pico in eastern Blank Land
==> located at 27947/27426
2. Kill 5 L27 Blank Land Rebels
3. Talk to Cerdic
4. Talk to Perses
REWARDS: 1k gold, 12480xp
5. Talk to Haras in southern Blank Land (26023/25158)
6. Kill L27 Blank Land Rebels Commander and loot Scroll of Information
7. Talk to Perses
REWARDS: Battleaxe, Denic El x3, 9460 gold, 224640xp

(M) [30Lv] Rebels of Black Land

1. Investigate inside the gaves in SE Blank Land
2. Try to enter cave
==> get ready to run
3. Destroy the L1 Rock next to the entrance
==> The L27 Rock Statues will activate
4. Talk to Perses
REWARDS: 4k xp
5. Loot Rock Key from L27 Rock Statue around gate
6. Destroy Stone and enter Rebels Base
7. Kill L28 Blank Land Rebels General
==> many, many L26 Blank Land Rebels Warriors and L27 Blank Land Rebels Sorcerers
8. Talk to Perses
REWARDS: Bommen Ring, Denic El x2, 17k gold, 230400xp

(M) [30Lv] To the desert of the storm (Level 31 required)

1. Talk to Kaku in Desert of Storm
==> go SE to get to Desert of Storms, go SE to get to tents
==> tent is surrounded by L34 Galis Tiny mobs
2. Talk to Pauli, west from Kaku
3. Kill 5 L27 Blank Land Rebels inside the Black Refuge
==> go west and south to get into Black Refuge
4. Talk to Pauli
5. Talk to Perses
REWARDS: Flamberge, Senum El x5, Denic El x2, 9100 gold, 180k xp

Information Staff Quests

(M) [31Lv] Scout Pauli's Request

1. Talk to Phindol in Cerity Praha
==> located in Sabbath Garden just outside Inner Castle
2. Talk to Serial Bann Hoden in NW Lost Land
3. Kill 5 L30 Stone Golems
4. Talk to Serial Bann Hoden
REWARDS: 2900 gold, 9k xp
5. Kill 10 Chora Tiny Hunter
6. Talk to Serial Bann Hoden
7. Loot Chora Crystal from L30 Tiny Chora Leader
8. Talk to Serial Bann Hoden
9. Kill L30 Fake Serial Bann Hoden
10. Click on the Rock next to Serial B.H.
11. Kill L30 Lost Land Rebels Commander
==> will have 2 L27 Lost Land Rebels Warriors and 2 L29 Lost Land Rebels Sorcerers
12. Talk to Phindol in Cerity Praha Castle
REWARDS: Denic El x5, 13200 gold, 270k xp, unknown reward

(M) [31Lv] Forgotten Land's Fortune Teller

1. Talk to Erin Kainne in western part of Lost Land
2. Collect 5 Blow Charger Bead from L29/L30 Blow Chargers in Lost Land
3. Talk to Erin Kainne
4. Talk to Pirot/Explorer
==> go west to Hollow Land, go north along west wall
REWARDS: Spike Club, Denic El x6, 9500 gold, 129600xp

(M) [32Lv] Serial Bann Hoden

1. Collect Waste Wingbuzz'z Wing from L31/L32 Waste Wing Buzz
2. Talk to Pirot
3. Enter the abandoned mine in NE Hollow Land
==> located at 35058/35740
4. Kill the 3 L31 Hollow Land Rebels
5. Talk to Erin Kainne
6. Get Dark Charlatan's Crystal from L30 Balman in Dark Refuge in western Storm Desert
7. Talk to Erin Kainne
REWARDS: 7500 gold, 13k xp
8. Go back to abandoned mine in Hollow Land and enter the Rebels Jail Cave
==> Pass through a the corridors to the main room
==> L32 Rebel Warriors and L33 Rebels Sorcerers
9. Talk to Serial Bann Hoden
quest summary is wrong for next step
10. Go to Hollow Land and contact Phindol
==> click on the Steam Conduct at 30934/33247 along southern wall
REWARDS: Neosteam Tank D, Denic El x6, 18k gold, 216k xp

1st Special Forces Quests

(M) [32Lv] Return to Unit

1. Talk to Perses
REWARDS: Denic El x6, 2500 gold, 81k xp

(M) [33Lv] Engineer Anneswars

1. Talk to Anneswars in Cerity Praha Castle
2. Get Pimier Parts from L34 Huge Machine Shade at Machine Grave
==> Steam Baloon from Cerity Praha to Machine Grave
3. Click on Steam Conductor in NW part of Machine Grave (33061/30588)
4. Collct 10 Filter parts from L31/L32 Machine Shades
5. Click on Steam Conductor
6. Collect 2 Power Connection from L33/L34 Machine Skull
7. Click on Steam Conductor
8. Get Particle In-Taker from L34 Machine Zombie
9. Talk to Engineer Anneswars
REWARDS: Silver Serillone, Normal Leather x35, Denic El x5, 15k gold, 367200xp

(M) 3 Pieces of Key

1. Get Key of Lank from L30 Tiny Leader Crank in cave in Blank Land
==> Found SE of flag
2. Talk to Anneswars
3. Get Key of Galis from L34 Tiny Leader Galys in Storm Desert
4. Talk to Anneswars
5. Get Key of Joan of Arc from L34 Tiny Leader Joandark in Hollow Land
6. Talk to Anneswars
7. Talk to Perses
REWARDS: Brigandine Boots, Denic El x5, 20700 gold, 302400xp

(M) Pom Craftor's Cave

1. Kill L34 Rebels Chief General Kennes
==> Steam Balloon to Machine Grave
==> go north/northeast to cave
==> go into Rebels Base
==> many L32 Rebels Warriors and L33 Rebels Sorcerers
2. Talk to Perses
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Normal Leather x35, Denic El x6, 15k gold, 367200xp

Rope Isle Missions

The Main Storyline continues at Rope Isle.
You have to be at least level 50 to go to Rope Isle.
You have to be at least level 60 to start the Rope Isle Main Storyline quests.

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