Rogwel Main Storyline Quests

You can begin the Main Storyline quest after completing the Job Change quest.
Talk to the Mercenary Manager to apply to become a Mercenary.

Mercenary Test


(M) [10Lv] Mercenary Test
1. Collect 10 flatShells at Cog Beach
2. Talk to Mercenary Manager

3. Solve the Civil Appeals

Subway manager, Abe
(M) [10Lv] Subway Manager Abe's Civil Appeal
1. Bring Abe 5 Leaf of Greseed

Light-Heavy Armor Merchant Parten
(M) [10Lv] Parten's Civil Appeal
1. Bring Parten 5 Iron Ore
==> Kill cragshells L9/L10 to collect Iron Ore

Citizen, Ilion
Go north from square up center stairs, 06280/29122
(M) [10Lv] Llion's request
1. Deliver letter to Morton
==> Go back to square, take bridge on west side near Tamer
2. Give Morton's reply to Llion

Guard of SW Entrance Topa
(M) [Lv10] The Guard Topa's Civil Appeal
1. Kill 3 Carlos Bandits
2. Talk to Topa

4. Talk to Mercenary Manager
REWARDS: Brand Slacks, Mercenary Application, Senum El x2, 6330 gold, 4320 xp


(M) [10Lv] Mercenary Test
1. Collect 10 Leaf of Sarasen from L7/L8 Sarasen in Breeze Way
2. Talk to Merlin

3. Solve the Civil Appeals

Subway Manager Nino
(M) [10Lv] Public Grievance of Nino
1. Bring Nino 5 Leaf of Greseed

One-Handed Weapon Merchant Nomiers
(M) [10Lv] Public Grievance of Nomiers
1. Bring Nomiers 5 Iron Ore

Factory Manager Sparco
(M) [10Lv] Sparco's Civil Appeal
1. Talk to Barton/Graft and get inspection report
2. Deliver report to Sparco

Zeppelin Utena
(M) [10Lv] Utena's Civil Appeal
1. Deliver 2 Inferior HP Potions to Marlowe by Ganedine entrance
2. Talk to Utena

4. Talk to Merlin after completing all four Civil Appeals
REWARDS: Brand Slacks, Mercenary Application, Senum El x2, 6330 gold, 4320xp

Regular Mercenary Test

(M) [11Lv] Regular Mercenary Test
1. Talk to Entium in Ganedine
==> Warp to Breeze Way
==> Head south to Den of Vantes
2. Collect 8 Vantes Bandit's Badges from members or minor members
3. Kill 5 Bandit Assassins
4. Return to Entium in Ganedine
REWARDS: 250xp, 1200gold
5. Find the four machine coffers outside Ganedine Town
6. Follow the flags and click on the machine
==> machine coffers are tall cages with a yellow padlock
7. Return to Etium
8. Give Final Mercenary Certificate to Plberin at the Garden Gate
==> Steam Balloon to Pelken Guard Post
REWARDS: Wave Slacks, Senum El x5, 3310 gold, 4320 xp

Mercenary Quests

(M) [12Lv] Subjugate Bandits!

1. Find missing Duran in Den of Vantes
==> Port back to Ganedine and Steam Balloon to Warmbreeze Jungle/Den of Vantes
==> Head to Tent by 50739/12540
==> Click on the two bodies
==> get Mercenary Certificate of Duran from south corpse
==> get Mercenary Certificate of Pakin and Enemy Report Scroll from north corpse
2. Return to Plberin
3. Submit Clean-Up Status report of the Bandit to Marlowe in Ganedine
==> Warp back to Breeze Way (50550/17105)
4. Talk to Plberin
5. Go to Den of Vantes and Kill Vantes
6. Report to Plberin
REWARDS: 1200 xp, 3600 gold, SE x3?
7. Take Certificate of Plverine to Entium
REWARDS: Senum El x8, 3k gold, 11520 xp, Cross Pants

(M) [13Lv] The Custom of a Regular Mercenary

1. Talk to Marlowe in Ganedine
==> Warp to Warmbreeze Jungle and go east to Rough Forest
2. Kill Storm Buzz (L14), loot body to get storm buzz meat
==> Storm Buzz can be anywhere in Rough Forest
==> look around lake near Lumberman Pilman's House
3. Talk to Marlowe
REWARDS: 1070 XP, 1210 gold
4. Talk to Utena to get storm buzz stew, have to answer a question
5. Bring storm buzz stew to Marlowe
REWARDS: Senum El x8, L16 Dagger, 2910 gold, 10584xp

(M) [14Lv] Prepation of the Holy Ceremony

1. Talk to Royden in Ganedine Town (SW corner of Putaten Square)
==> Warp to Breeze Way (50966/17319)
==> Go east to Rough Forest
2. Collect 10 Seed of Insect Gulert in Rough Forest
3. Return to Royden
REWARDS: Core machine <Weapon>, Senum El x8, 2630 gold, 9360 xp

(M) [15Lv] Bless of God

1. Talk to Royden
==> If you answer the question wrong have to collect Wing Buzz Scale from Wing Buzz in Warmbreeze Jungle
2. Go to Gretycos (use Subway)
==> (Royden says he gives you fare?
3. Talk to Landy (south and uphill from Subway)
REWARDS: Mercenary License, Senum El x5, 4790 gold, 16344 xp, Bow

(M) [16Lv] Fast Track!

1. Talk to Marlowe in Ganedine
==> Warp to Breeze Way 49303/18075
2. Talk to Bean at Pelken Guard Post
3. Find Bean's lost bag near entrance to Pelken Guard Post
==> exit guard post and go south
==> click on bag to pick it up (will take a few seconds)
4. Return to Bean
REWARDS: 2450 gold, 1k xp
5. Find the 5 tombstones in Armor Beatles' Nest to get the Anicient Steam Engine
==> Follow road SW to Segrev Ridge
==> Take first path the forks to the south
==> At end of that path take path that goes east
==> Look for the gray tombstones and click on each one
==> First tombstone is near end of ramp that leads into ground level of Armorbeatle's Nest (44100/14088)
==> 2nd tombstone at 44159/13176, south of first
==> 3rd tombstone at 43038/13019, east of 2nd tombstone
==> 4th tombstone at 42204/13543, NW from 3rd tombsonte
==> 5th tombstone 42912/13348 tombstone is east and a bit south from 5th and north of 3rd
==> click on 5th tombstone and wait about 10 seconds
==> Ancient Steam Engine will appear in Inventory
6. Return to Bean in Pelken Guard Post, get Bean's Excavation report
7. Talk to Barten in Ganedine (SE side of town)
==> Get Certificate of Barton
==> Warp to Gretycos castle (30157/02872)
8. Talk to Remodan
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Steel Ingot x20, Senum El x5, 7800 gold, 38400xp

(M) [17Lv] Find the Son of Remodan!

==> Warp to Pelken Guard Post (46820/19179)
1. Talk to Bean
==> Warp to Sorrow Garden Monument (39423/19080)
2. Click on the bag to the west
3. Talk to Bean
4. Recover Golden Luxury Watch from Prican Bandits
==> Steam Ballon to Lost Ruins (40288/13435)
==> Go NW and kill Prican Bandit (L22)
5. Return to Bean
6. Talk to Marlowe
REWARDS: Hoplon Shield, Senum El x8, 50400xp

(M) [19Lv] Find a Peculator

peculator = embezzler
1. Talk to Peres in Ganedine/Putaten Square
2. Get receipt from Urha
==> go to Gretycos Castle
==> From the Subway go NE
==> go all the way east past the Steam Balloon
==> Urha is next to the Guild Manager (blue G flag on minimap)
3. Get account book from Siad
==> Siad is on the east side of Ganedine near the Artisan Factory
4. Talk to Peres
5. Talk to Siad and get Secret Account Book
6. Talk to Peres
REWARDS: 1800 gold, 2330 xp
7. Go to Warmbreeze Jungle/Pilman's House (51575/18937)
8. Kill L22 Gambler Bakio and loot the body to get Gambler's Oath
9. Report back to Peres
10. Talk to Marlowe
REWARDS: Sabre, Senum El x9, 6600 gold, 79200xp

//Peculator Notes
Benkok/Facility Manager, west side of town south of subway
Barten/Craft used 80k - confirmed (Artisan Factory by Machines)
Utena used 80k - south by zeppelin - confirmed
Benkok used 40k

Ruinil/Devloping Operator, far west side of town
west side of Putaten Square
Royden used 60k - confirmed
40k to Sharpt/Job Change manager - confirmed

Siad/Commercial Manager, east side of town near Artisan factory
80k to Urha/Job Change Manager in Gretycs Castle - got 60k
From subway go NE, go all the way east past the steam balloon, head towards the blue [G] flag on map
70k to Sparco (south side north of zeppelin) - confirmed
He deposited 150k//

(M) [20Lv] Find the Master of Ruden! (Level 20 required)

==> Steam Ballon from Pelken Guard Post to Lost Ruins (40289/13435)
==> head east to Ruin Gate
1. Talk to Ruden
2. Go to Pelken Guard Post and talk to Rinpa
3. Go to Roaders in Sorrow Hill of Sorrow Garden
==> Steam Balloon to Sorrow Hill (37438/16356)
==> go north
4. Get 7 soul crystals from Lost Spirit
5. Go to gravestone at 36990/16818, SW corner of graveyard
==> click on gravestone to get Master's Goods
REWARDS: 2850 gold, 3500 xp
6. Go to Ruden
==> head south to Ruin Gate
REWARDS: Senum El x8, 42k xp, Leather Pants

(M) [21Lv] Wriggle Plot

1. Deliver Randolph's letter to Kianus in Gretycos Castle
==> go to Gretycos Castle, go east then south into the castle
2. Talk to Schurman near Dolph Guard Post about Kianus Jr
==> go north and exit castle, go west at crossroads
==> go north and save in Dolph Guard Post
==> go south from Guard Post
==> kill the 3 L21 Rupian Feed mobs around Schurman
3. Talk to Schurman
4. Go to Dirty Forest to find bullies
==> go east then north
==> Collie/NS Unit has 5 L19 summons
==> kill the summons then Talk to Collie
5. Go to Tinberin Guard post and talk to NS Adjutant Randolph
6. Talk to Pierre/NS Unit
==> Warp to Monument (21502/09285)
==> Kill the 3 L22 Rupian Feeds around Kianus II
7. Talk to Kianus 2nd
8. Deliver letter to Kianus
REWARDS: Scale Armor, Senum El x8, Denic El, 7k gold, 86400xp

NS Unit Quests

(M) [22Lv] Disguise and infiltrate!

1. Talk to Randolph in Tinberin Guard Post
2. Talk to Pagan Sorcerer in Dirty Forest to infiltrate pagans
==> exit north and head west
REWARDS: 2360 gold, 3700xp
3. Go to Lost Ruins and kill 5 Spiirt of Fear
4. Return to Pagan Socerer/Mage
5. Talk to NS Leader
6. Talk to Charlie at Docks
==> exit Guard Post using south entrance and head south
7. Kill 7 Pagan Fanatics
==> Steam Balloon to Forbidden Area/Den of Pagan (32945/16200)
==> Kill the L30 Pagan Fanatics (L29 does not count)
8. Talk to Charlie
9. Get on the boat
==> Warp to Rupian Town
10. Talk to Branc
REWARDS: Normal Leather x12, Silver Seril Stone, 31700 gold, 3800 xp
11. Talk to Hysil to go back to mainland
12. Talk to NS Leader
13. Talk to Gon at Greycos Castle (to copy pagan ID)
14. Kill Philip at Steam Maul Habitat and loot Certificate from corpse
==> Steam Balloon from Deeren to Steam Maul Habitat (06878/18520)
==> Look for L25 pom (found in NE corner)
15. Talk to Branc
REWARDS: Senum El x8, Denic El, 8300 gold, 99k xp

(M) [23Lv] Get the Trust!

1. Sell 3 Papyrus Powders
Bazaba - north part of castle [30361, 05098]
Tomarn - Just east of Bazabar, inside a building [31124, 05243]
Old Pom - by Subway
Rommy/Accessory Merchant - won't buy
Maxt/Heavy Armor Merchant - won't buy
2. Talk to Branc
3. Talk to Hyde by Kalin's camp in Chaotic Grounds
==> Steam Balloon from Maynen Guard Post to Kalin's Camp
==> Go south into camp
4. Talk to NS Leader in Linverlin GP
5. Talk to Branc
REWARDS: Gothic Hammer, Denic El x2, 6600 Gold, 64800xp

(M) [24Lv] The Precious!

1. Talk to Rio
2. Talk to Hyde
3. Kill 4 Norman Warrior in Crow Gorge
==> Go south from Hyde
4. Go south and kill 4 Rupian Feed
5. Talk to Kiran in Gretycos
==> by the north neosteam machine
REWARDS: 4300 gold, 6650 xp
6. Go to Terence at Ruin Beach in southern Cog Beach
==> Go to Deeren, Cog Beach is south of Deeren
7. Kill the two L26 Rupian Feeds
8. Click on the Cloth of Terence
quest summary is wrong at this point
9. Talk to Branc
10. Talk to Rio
11. Kill L30 Regional Inspector Hinen
12. Click on the bag at 33310/15161 to get Document of Regional Inspector
13. Talk to Branc
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Normal Leather x16, Denic El x2, 11900 gold, 132264 xp

(M) [25Lv] Suspicion (Level 25 required)

quest summary is wrong
1. Talk to Randolph and be at least level 25
2. Talk to Branc
3. Talk to Rio
4. Talk to Hans
==> Steam Balloon to Den of Pagan, go NE
5. Go north and talk to Curious Old Person to get tank
6. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: Stedt Armlet, Senum El x8, Denic El, 4620 gold, 100800xp

(M) [26Lv] Spy vs Spy

1. Deliver orders to the three NS platoon leaders
==> Henderson/First Platoon Leader, Gretycos Castle, near north exit
==> Root Merbe/Second Platoon Leader, Dolph Guard Post, south of steam balloon
==> Mohitron/Third Platoon Leader, Pain Gate, south of Linverlin Guard Post
2. Talk to Branc
3. Report to Rio
REWARDS: 1750 gold, 3k xp
4. Talk to Branc
5. Get Scharn Potion from Chieftain Kalin's Camp
==> Open Box at 21983/15227, northernmost part of camp
6. Talk to Branc
7. Capture the new neosteam tank
==> Go to Den of Pagan
==> Talk to Puke/Neosteam Deliever
==> Kill the L32 NS Unit Member that spawns
==> Loot New Neosteam tank from body
8. Talk ot Branc, get Blan's Pendant
9. Talk to Gurintuks NE of Gretycos
==> Kill his L32 melee summon
10. Talk to Gurintuks again
11. Collect 10 sas? leaves?
12. Talk to Gurintuks
REWARDS: 3330 gold, 5500 xp
13. Collect Poison of Huge Deformed Spider from L30 Huge Abnormal Spider
14. Talk to Gurintuks
15. Talk to Branc
REWARDS: Calips Staff, Silver Seril Stone, Denic El x2, 7375 gold, 144k xp

(M) [26Lv] Gurintuks' Followers

1. Talk to Gurintuks
2. Report to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: 1k gold, 2500 xp
3. Kill Kami in Armorbeatle Nest of Sorrow garden
==> L27 Summoner with L25 melee pet
4. Kill Pasi in Crow Gorge
==look for L30 Rog Pasi
5. Kill Gehrig in Goat Mine of the Screamy Ground
==> L30 Gehrig surrounded by L32 to L34 mobs
==> Loot Gehrig's Scroll from corpse
6. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: Scale Helmet, Senum El x8, Denic El, 9500 gold, 108k xp

(M) [26Lv] Clue of Scroll

1. Talk to Kensler at Gretycos Castle
2. Talk to Leann in Deeren
3. Go to Dust Gorge
4. Kill Franc and loot Ruffian's Cryptogram
==> guarded by four L28 Rupian Feed
5. Talk to NS Leader
REWARDS: 4500 gold, 5500 xp
6. Talk to Branc
7. Talk to Gurintunks
8. Talk to NS Leader
REWARDS: Core Machine <Plate> Guardian Pelt
9. Talk to Kinslahy at Gretycos (near north Neosteam Charger)
10. Bring Kinslahy a crystal, 2 solid bark scraps, 2 mental crystals
REWARDS: 15500 gold
11. Talk to NS Leader
REWARDS: Denic El x2, 118800 xp

(M) [27Lv] Phenomenon of Dark Sun

1. Go to Den of Pagan and activate the 3 switches
2. Activate switches south, west, north
==> south switch (32687/16030)
==> west switch (32129/17936) (north of south switch)
==> north switch (32912/18514) (NE of west switch)
3. Kill Casan to loot Switch Controller
4. Click on switch at 34016/19122 to get past door
5. Kill the L28 Rupian Feed
6. Talk to Sylvia
7. Click on switch to exit area
8. Click on the dead body at 33542/18354 (almost under some rocks) to loot High Class Golden Earring
9. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: Bronze Helm, Senum El x8, Denic El, 5700 gold, 127200 xp

(M) [27Lv] Dead Body of Unknown Lady

1. Talk to Kensler at Gretycos Castle
2. Talk to NS Unit Leader
3. Talk to Kensler
4. Talk to Rikke (Wind Valley, 14816/10019)
5. Kill the four L25 National Police Detectives
6. Talk to Rikke
7. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: 2650 gold, 7900 gold
8. Talk to Branc
==> Warp to Rupian Circle Arena
REWARDS: Denic El x2, 4k gold, 91800xp, unknown reward (Scale Helmet)

(M) [28Lv] Rupian Test

1. Talk to Khim Willy
REWARDS: 300 gold, 600xp
==> Warp to another part of Rupian Circle Arena
==> get ready to fight
2. Talk to Parkins
L28 Abnormal Spider, REWARDS: 680 xp, 300 gold
L30 Huge Abnormal Spider, REWARDS: 1080 xp, 1k gold
L32 Prime Hatue, REWARDS: 1570 xp, 1700 gold
L34 Tiny Master, watch out for Poison attack, 2160xp, 2500 gold
L37 Steam Shooter, 5400xp, 7300 gold
L38 Steam Golem, 6800xp, 8400 gold
L40 Siladoo, 8400xp, 9600 gold
L42 Skernew, 10260xp, 12000 gold
REWARDS: Silver Serillone, Normal leather x21, Denic El x2, 12k gold, 147744xp

(M) [28Lv] Invesitgation of Roy Eldger

1. Talk to NS Unit Leader
2. Talk to Kauro Elger in Deeren
==> use the following conversation choices
==> 1 Rooney , 2 Comfort him, 1 Achievements, 1 Promised Person, 2 Reconsider
3. Talk to Chitare in Deeren (go west to factory Srea then south)
4. Talk to Neolus in Deeren (by Job Change/Guild)
5. Talk to Teresa Sort in Deeren (near Kauro Elger)
6. Bring 1 Normal leather to Teresa Sort
7. Talk to Acto Barans in Ganedine (Putaten Square, north of Job Change/Guild)
8. Talk to NS Unit leader
REWARDS: Denic El x2, 12900 gold, 159408xp, unknown reward

(M) [29Lv] Roy Eldger's Strongbox

1. Go to Goat Mine in Screamy Ground
==> Steam Balloon to Painful Earth
==> go east then north
2. Click on Sealed Box
3. Talk to NS Unit leader to get Rooney Elger's book
4. Go back to Sealed Box and get Mysterious Glove
quest summary updates with completely wrong description
5. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: Gagen Bow, Denic El x2, 8500 gold, 86400xp

(M) [29Lv] Mysterious Glove

1. Talk to Mitan/Smitan at Grill Mine in Screamy Ground
2. Collect 3 Tiny Gun from L31/L32 Tiny Shooters
3. Talk to Smitan
4. Kill 5 L34 Tiny Chasers
5. Talk to Smitan
6. Kill L34 Tiny Master
7. Talk to Smitan
REWARDS: 9k gold, 15k xp
8. Get Character Portrait from Keminon tunnel inside Grill Mine
==> go west to the gate and click on the sparkly to enter Cheminon Tunnel
==> Enter Cheminon Drift
==> Go all the way north
==> Click on Tunnel to enter next section
==> Go north and kill L25 Metal Moul to get key
==> Go west and go to next section
==> Go north and click on the Box to get Character Portrait
REWARDS: Battleaxe, Denic El x2, 15k gold, 165600xp

(M) [30Lv] Suspect in the Picture (Level 31 required)

1. Talk to Kensler in Gretycos Castle and be at least level 31
2. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: 1200 gold, 3k xp
3. Talk to Kensler
4. Talk to Detective Veronica at Painful Land
==> Steam Balloon to Painful Land
5. Kill the 3 L28 National Police Detectives and L32 Detective Veronica
6. Talk to Kensler
ignore the quest summary
7. Kill L30 Drug Messenger Moro and recover Premery Tablet
==> Steam Balloon to Sorrow Hill, go south to Segrev Ridge
8. Talk to Kensler
REWARDS: 5900 gold, 13k xp
9. Talk to Kailo at Painful Land
10. Kill L35 Kailo and loot Rooney's Secret Book from corpse
==> Steam Balloon to Painful Land, go SE
10. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: Denic El x2, 216k xp, unknown reward (Leather Muffle)

(M) [31Lv] Murderer of Rooney Elger

1. Click on the post at Screamy Trace
==> Turn counterclockwise summons L34 Tiny Hunter
==> Turn clockwise to talk to Professional Assassin
2. Go SW to meet Professional Assassin
3. Talk to Brookes/Hired Assassin
4. Kill the L36 Dark Assassin
5. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: Leather Suit, Denic El x3, 7700 gold, 162k xp

(M) [31Lv] Protect Brooks

1. Get Brooks to safety
==> Steam Balloon to Screamy Trace and talk to Brooks
2. Meet Brooks at the Kapf Mine
==> go north then west
3. Click on the chest to get Invisible Brooks
4. Talk to Lancelot at Grill Mine
==> go to 43565/07684 to get to ramp leading down to Lancelot
REWARDS: Arum Staff, Denic El x3, 93600 gold

(M) [31Lv] Brooks' whereabouts

1. Invesitgate Brook's whereabouts in Trial Ruin
==> From the post go east then head south
==> stay in the lower gray area on the map
==> go west along the south side of the lava channel
==> look for a bridge that goes NW
==> Go SW and look for a building
==> watch out for the 3 L33 Assassins
2. Click on the Coffer
3. Kill L34 Pet of Brooks and get Request Case Diary from corpse
4. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: Spike Club, Denic El x3, 13k gold, 165600xp

(M) [32Lv] Case Analysis Journal

1. Deliver Soil Survey Equipment to Philip
==> near Eringun Crossroads, north of Gretycos castle
2. Buy a Long Sword from Suya
3. Deliver Long Sword to Philip
REWARDS: 1150 gold, 2550xp
4. Talk to Kinslahy (by north NeoSteam Charger)
5. Talk to NS Unit Leader
6. Talk to Pierre to warp to Brooks
REWARDS: Silver Serillone, Rendin Ingot x21, Denic El x3, 4700 gold, 110160xp

(M) [32Lv] Find the Obstructor!

1. Click on the ship
2. Kill Mage Gelohead
==> there are 3 L32 Assassins and L35 Sorcerer Gelohead NE of the ship
3. Click on the ship
==> move to West Coast of Cog Beach, go south
4. Go to Fisherman Sante's House
5. Talk to Paolo
REWARDS: Denic El x4, 7k gold, 99732xp

(M) [32Lv] To the Rupian

1. Talk to Charlie to go to Rupian Town
2. Talk to Rot
==> Warp to Rupian Town
3. Talk to Gallatin
==> Warp to other side of gate into the prison
4. Talk to Franco
5. Get a Flint powder
==> go N/NW and click on box
6. Talk to Franco
7. Collect 3 Slug Resin from L25 abonrmal spiders
8. Get Old Vessel
ignore the quest dialog, it takes about Chief Kalin
==> Go SW from Franco and click on box
9. Talk to Franco
10. Go NW and plant Franco's Bomb under the big rock
11. Enter the hole to escape from the prison
12. Go NE and click on the ship
==> watch out for the L27 Rupian Feeds
==> Warp to Ruin Beach (08911/13492)
REWARDS: Bronze Plate, Silver Serillone, Normal leather x25, Denic El x3, 10150 gold, 244620xp

(M) [32Lv] Put on a Makeup

1. Go to Gretycos Castle and talk to Batz/Light Armor Merchant
2. Pay 3,000 gold for disguise
3. Talk to NS Unit Leader
REWARDS: Denic El x4, 3200 gold, 24120xp

(M) [33Lv] Identify Camouflage

1. Talk to Rolland
==> Steam Balloon to Silent Ground and go SW
2. Collect 10 Mianen Ore
==> click on ore to dig it up
3. Talk to Rolland
REWARDS: 11600 gold, 10k xp
4. Talk to Criwood at Research Institute
==> Steam Balloon to Laboratory in Forbidden Area
REWARDS: Normal leather x30, Denic El x4, 13k gold, 129600xp

Former NS Unit Quests

(M) [33Lv] Clear your false charge

1. Talk to Philip (Eringum Crossroads north of Gretycos)
2. Talk to Criwood
3. Talk to Willy at Lost Gate
4. Kill 3 L34 Mechanic Moul
5. Talk to Willy
6. Talk to Criwood
7. Talk to Fiasche in Deeren (north of subway)
8. Talk to Ruteks in Forbidden Area
==> Steam Balloon to Laboratory and go NE
==> watch out for L34 Knaves
9. Talk to Criwood
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Rendin Ingot x29
10. Talk to Hans in Screamy Trace
REWARDS: 7540 gold, 7500xp
11. Go SE and click on Pet Dynan
12. Talk to Hans
13. Talk to Kinslahy at Gretycos to get Kinslahy Bomb
14. Go to Silent Ground and go SE to get to mine
15. Plant the bomb to blow up the mine
16. Talk to Hans
REWARDS: 7700 gold, 8500xp
17. Talk to Criwood
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Normal leather x32, Denic El x4, 20700 gold, 252k xp

(M) [33Lv] Group Red Butterfly

1. Talk to Hurian in Crow Gorge
==> Go to the NW part of Crow Gorge
==> around 15721/13020 take path going SE
==> Look for a path to the east
Fight the L35/36 Red Butterfly Gangster members
2. Talk to Criwood
3. REWARDS: Moon Crystal x2, Denic El x4, 9500 goold, 136800xp

(M) [34Lv] Traces of Black Hawk

1. Talk to Pilman in Warmbreeze Jungle
2. Talk to Franken in Sabbath Garden
==> Steam Balloon to Sabbath Garden, go NW
3. Talk to Criwood
REWARDS: Denic El x4, 147960xp, unknown reward (gagne bow)

(M) [34Lv] Machine Gorge

1. Go to Machine Gorge
2. Talk to Rad/Rupian Feed
3. Deliver Rupian Mechanism to Criwood
REWARDS: Denic El x4, 20k gold, 100800xp

(M) [34Lv] S.O.S.

1. Talk to Frelo at Luin Island
2. Kill 4 L35 Rupian Feed to rescue Karme
==> go north
3. Talk to Criwood
REWARDS: Arum Staff, Denic El x4, 8400 gold, 216k xp

(M) [36Lv] Rupian Machine

1. Talk to the Rupian Machine
==> go NW not SE
==> kill or run away from the L36 Rupian Machine
2. Talk to Criwood
3. Click on the Rupian Machine to use the Measuring Machine
==> kill or evade the two L35 Rupian Assassins
4. Talk to Criwood
5. Kill Rupian Machine
==> you get a water crystal ball from Criwood
==> If you die, go back to Criwood for another water crystal ball

6. Talk to Criwood
REWARDS: Denic El x3, 3k gold, 271440xp, unknown reward (Boar Gun)

(M) [35Lv] Dr. Kerrrio

1. Kill 3 L35 Rupian Feed in Machine Gorge
2. Talk to Dr. Kerrio
3. Talk to Criwood
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Normal leather x35, Denic El x3, 11500 gold, 316440xp

Rope Isle Missions

The Main Storyline continues at Rope Isle.
You have to be at least level 50 to go to Rope Isle.
You have to be at least level 60 to start the Rope Isle Main Storyline quests.

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