Main Rogwel Rope Isle


The Main Storyline continues on Rope Isle.

Lv 50 - To Rope Isle (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Kianus in Gretycos Castle
==> Turn in Mercenary License and Rupian Feed Certificate
2. Talk to Ensga in Iron Base at Rope Isle
==> Take Zeppelin from Ganedine to Rope Isle
3. Talk to Ensga/Unit Leader (SE part of Iron Base)
REWARDS: Stan Ingot x20, 5k gold, 72k xp

(M) [61Lv] Higher Officer's Oppression

1. Talk to Benedic/Adjutant (SE Iron Base)
2. Kill 10 L61 Young Plain Gas Hippo (just outside Iron Base)
3. Kill L61 10 Dead Spore in Smoky Plains
4. Kill L62 10 Plain Gas Hippo in Smoky Plains
5. Talk to Benedic
REWARDS: Magic Granted Potion x54, Kay El x2, 20k gold, 615600xp

Have to be Level 62 to continue Main Quest

(M) [62Lv] Deliver Supplies

1. Be level 62 and talk to Benedic at Iron Base
2. Deliver Supplies to Torres near Rupian Staging Area
==> Located on the east coast of Smoky Plain (07546/06197
3. Deliver supplies to Kayurid
==> Located SW from Torres by the side of a building
4. Deliver Condition Report to Benedic
REWARDS: Metal Scales Leather x25, Denic El x23, 20k gold, 252k xp

Have to be Level 63 to continue Main Quest

(M) [63Lv] Mystery Man Hanel

1. Be Level 63 and talk to Benedic
2. Find Hanel in the Dark Swamp
==> SW peninsula in Black Swamp (00309/10271)
3. Get Pipebox by killing L63 Rupian Carellack
==> located at Rupian Staging Area, southern Smoky Plain
==> east side of Staging Area
4. Give Pipebox to Hanel in Black Swamp
5. Talk to Benedic
6. Talk to Kirian/Maestro inside Gretycos Castle
7. Talk to Benedic at Iron Base
8. Talk to Hanel
9. Talk to Benedic
REWARDS: Cloth of World Tree x21, Denic El x26, 38500 gold, 459158xp

(M) [64Lv] Prisoned Agent

1. Talk to Benedic at Iron Base and be level 64
2. Rescue Helman at the Rupian Advance Camp
==> Steam Balloon from Iron Base to Defense Gateway of Islands
==> Rupian Advance Camp is in NW Smoky Plain just inside the Black Swamp
==> go west from Defense Gateway and look for L61 Dead Spores
==> look for a hill going up
==> go up the hill and go east
==> talk to Helman
3. Kill the L64 Rupian Blackfaster and loot the Hellman Document
==> will have some L63 Rupian Feed and L64 Rupian Guard with him
==> not a 100% drop from Blackfaster
4. Talk to Halian at Island Defense Gateway
REWARDS: Top Quality Leather x12, Denic El x25, 27600 gold, 795960xp

(M) [65Lv] Crom Tribe Informer Koor

1. Be level 65? and talk to Halian at Island Defense Gateway
2. Go to Arbitration Town and talk to Informer Koor
3. Collect 15 Gas of Land from L65/L66 Young Gas and Gas Hippo of Land at Fallen Ground
4. Collect 15 Rotten Gas from L65 Corrupted/Young/Gas Hippo at Oblivion Swamp
5. Talk to Koor
REWARDS: Hard Solid Bark x15, Kay El x4, 47500 gold, 1407600xp

(M) [66Lv] Koor's Trick

1. Talk to Koor in Arbitration Town
2. Collect 20 Rough Chiron Leather from L67 Young Rough Chiron or L68 Rough Chirons at Destruction Plain
3. Talk to Koor
REWARDS: Cloth of World Tree x25, Denic El x32, 40400 gold, 1238400xp

(M) [69Lv] What Rupian is Looking For

1. Talk to Koor at Arbitration Town
2, Collect 15 Ancient Gear from L69 Ancient Gear in Tragedy Basin
3. Talk to Koor to get Letter of Court
4. Talk to Benedic in Iron Base
REWARDS: Hard Solid Bark x10, Kay El x3, 32100 gold, 1018800xp

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