Rogwel Quests Kerman Factory

Lv 50 - Requisite of factory entrance qualification (Conrad in Deeren)

[55Lv] Condition to enter Factory
1. Talk to Conrad in Deeren
2. Collect 10 Chiron's Leather from L52 Chirons at Chiron Habitat
unknown if other Chiron drop Chiron's Leather
3. Kill L54 Ral Chiron
==> located around 10821/25317 in Chiron Habitat
==> look for a ruined building/structure, Ral is NW of that
4. Talk to Conrad
REWARDS: Metal Scale Leather x58, 43750 gold, 1180800xp

Lv 50 - Reserve Warrior Alran (Deeren)

[56Lv] Warrior aspirant Alran
1. Talk to Alran at Deeren, Commercial Area by Steam Balloon
2. Collect 20 Claw of Hell Hound
3. Talk to Alran
REWARDS: Magic Granted Potion x67, 25k gold, 720k xp

Lv 55 - Interruption of Factory Supply Route (Duncan in Gretycos)

[60Lv] Stop the Supplying Factory
1. Talk to Duncan inside Gretycos Castle
2. Get 10 Supply of Kerman Factory from products carriers in Kerman Factory
- located on 1st floor of factory
REWARDS: Stan Ingot x42, 37500 gold, 1152000xp

Lv 55 - Danger in Chiron Nest (Edga in Deeren) (R)

[60Lv] [R] Danger in Chiron Nest
1. Talk to Edga in Deeren (near the warehouse)
2. Kill 2 Hell Keeper inside the Mercus Factory
REWARDS: Gold Serillone, Magic Greseed Cloth x67, Metal Scales Leather x54, Denic El x15

Lv 55? Ancient Weapon Phoenix [R] (HIDDEN)

[65Lv] [R] Ancient Weapon Phoenix
1. Talk to Roy in Deeren at the beach in the Residential Area
2. Collect 16 Phoenix Recall Core from Robo-Rx7
3. Get to Ancient Weapon Storage in Kerman Factory
4. Kill Phoenix
REWARDS: Gold Seril Stone, Stan Ingot x77, Life Crystal x35, Denic El x25

Lv 55? Genius Maestro Kal Repon [R] (HIDDEN)

[65Lv] [R} Genius Maestro Kal Repon
1. Talk to Kirian/Maestro inside Gretycos Castle
2. Find Kal Repon in Kerman Factory
REWARDS: Gold Serillone, Stan Ingot x64, Solid Bark x39, Kay El x2

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