Rogwel Quests Level 1 to 10

Lv 2 - Favor of Merchant Zenith (Deeren)

[ 4Lv] Request of Zenith
1. Talk to Zenith in Deeren
2. Get 2 Steel Ingot (quest says iron ore)
==> Kill L5/L6 Creamshells
3. Talk to Zenith
REWARDS: Senum El, 3500 gold

Lv 3 - Ryukeen's bag (Ganedin)

[ 5Lv] Bag of Ryukeen
1. Talk to Ryukeen in Ganedine
2. Collect 5 Kennybear excrement
3. Talk to Ryukeen
4. Use Kennybear's Solution on bag at Terrawhale habitat (55268/10134)
5. Return Ryukeen's Bag to Ryukeen
REWARDS: 150 gold, 900xp, 1 Senum El, 1 Novies Robe

Lv 4 - Favor of Guard Parcon (Deeren)

[ 6Lv] The Request of Parcon
1. Talk to Parcon in Deeren
2. Kill 10 Young Creamshells
3. Talk to Parcon
4. Kill Creamshell Header
5. Talk to Parcon
REWARDS: 360 xp, Dirk

Lv 4 - Favor of Guard Pepe (Ganedine)

[ 6Lv] The Request of Pepe
1. Talk to Pepe in Ganedine
2. Kill L6 Buzz Header
3. Talk to Pepe
REWARDS: 880 gold, 432 XP, Senum El

Lv 5 - Help Technician Muni (Deeren)

[ 7Lv] Help Creator Muni
1. Talk to Muni in Deeren
==> Get Warped to Sand Way
==> Go SW to find Ganes at Sante's House
2. Talk to Ganes
3. Collect Crom Engine by killing L7 Crom Machine 1
==> Spawns near (07514/4135)
==> Loot body to get Crom Engine
4. Talk to Muni
5. Kill Crom Machine 2 in Terawhale Habitat (07326/20730)
6. Talk to Muni
REWARDS: 2500 gold, 1800xp, Senum El

Lv 6 - Help Merchant Khun (Deeren)

[ 8Lv] Help Merchant Khun
1. Talk to Khun in Deeren
2. Find Kikhun at west coast, SW of Deeren Town (04793, 23760)
3. Kill the L8 Young Spider Crew
4. Carry Kikhun back to Khun
5. Find 2 Mitacham herbage east of Deeren
==> go to Deeren Town Square, take east Bridge and go south (07449, 27651)
==> click on plant to "Grub up the herb"
6. Talk to Khun
REWARDS: 950 gold, 1440 xp, Wave Glove (L10 craftor), 1 Senum El

Lv 9 - Supplies Delivery (Lottos in Deeren)

[11Lv] Supplies Delivery
1. Talk to Lottos in Deeren
==> Warp to Cog Beach, head east
2. Talk to Haas at Norman Gate
3. Talk to Lottos
REWARDS: 1 Senum El, 1 Small Shield, 1050 gold, 540 XP

Lv 9 - Conditions of Rough Forest (Padak in Ganedin)

[11Lv] Conditions of Rough Forest
1. Talk to Padak in Ganedine
==> Warp to Rough Forest
2. Talk to Pilmun at Lumberman Pilman's House
3. Talk to Padak
REWARDS: Albor Staff, 540xp

Lv 9 - Bounty Hunter (Pria in Deeren)

[11Lv] The Bounty Hunt
1. Talk to Pria in Deeren
2. Kill Baroque near the terawhale habitat, SE corner, L10
3. Talk to Pria
4. Kill L11 Frink, east of Terawhale Habitat (around 0428/20204)
5. Talk to Pria
REWARDS: 1 Senum El, 2160 XP, Sakum Staff

Lv 10 - A treasure box (Keynus in Ganedine)

[12Lv] Treasure Box
1. Talk to Keynus in Genedine
==> Warp to Rough Forest
2. Go to the box at 52926/17401
3. Click on box to open
4. Kill the L12 Black Soul
5. Click on the box to get Old Bottle
6. Talk to Keynus
REWARDS: 2160 xp, Mist Band, 1 Senum El

Lv 10 - Favor of Fisherman, Sante (Prin in Deeren)

[12Lv] Fisherman's Sante's Request
1. Talk to Prin in Deeren
==> Warp to Sand Way
1. Get corpse of Sante's wife
==> go east along shore, click on body to collect
==> protected by L10 Head Hunter Soldiers
2. Go south and kill L12 Head Hunter,loot the body to get Sante madam's hand
3. Go back to Sante's House
REWARDS: 3k gold, 1080xp, ?

Lv 9 - Fisherman Sante's Research (Sante's House, Deeren)

[11Lv] Fisherman Sante's Analysis (complete Request and chosen a Specialized Class first)
1. Get 3 Spawn of Tredodon
==> look for small greenish egg on the ground
==> click on egg to summon four L10 Parasites
==> kill all four parasites of Tridodon
==> loot the last body to get Spawn of Tredodon
==> 06984/15004 by trees
==> 07147/15235 by net rack
==> 06933/15183
REWARDS: 1500 gold, 1620xp, Neosteam Tank Lv E, Denic El

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