Rogwel Quest Keeper Quests 11-20

Lv 11 - A painter, Fantac (Deeran)

1. Talk to Fantac
==> Warp to Cog Beach Sand Way
2. kill L7/L8 Silly Crusts
3. Head south and gather marine clipper humor from a Marine Creeper, L13 boss
4. Talk to Fantac
5. Recover Drawing Tool's Bag from steam maul habitat using Marine Clipper's Humor
==> go east into steam maul habitat
==> click on box at 08063/18917
6. Talk to Fantac
REWARDS: 3800 gold, 7704xp, Nunatak Ring, Senum Elx8

Lv 12 - The Soul of Keynus' Son

[14Lv] Soul of Kyanus' Son
1. Talk to Kyanus in Ganedine
2. Talk to Hagen (by shops)
==> Warp to Breeze Way
3. Head north and talk to Son of Kyanus (headless ghost!)
4. Go back to Hagen
==> Warp back to Breeze Way
5. Talk to Son of Kyanus (uses Kebien Staff to summon Black Soul), use Grianrosa
6. Kill Black Soul Carbal, L13
7. Kill Sword of Black Soul, L14
8. Return to Hagen
9. Report to Kyanus
REWARDS: Steel Ingot x5, Senum El x5, Silver Serillone, 4100 gold, 2160xp

Lv 13 - Deliver Parts Safely

[15Lv] Accessories Delivery
1. Talk to Kemien in Ganedine
==> Warp to Breezeway
2. Deliver machine parts to Firria in Pelken Guard Post
==> Go west past the garden gate
3. Talk to Firria to get Certificate of Piria
==> HINT: Move to Garedine Town faster using a Steam balloon
==> Buy Rogwel Flight Map 2 for 1650gold - Steam ballon between Ganedine and Pelken Guard Post
==> Rogwel Flight Map 4 to Pelken Guard costs 4070 gold
3. Talk to Kemien
REWARDS: Thin leather x12, 1050 gold, 1800xp

Lv 16 - Kiserin (Kiserin in Intestinal Path)

[18Lv] Kiserin
1. Find Kyserin
2. Free Kiserin
3. Kill L18 Kiserin, get Frija's Box from corpse
4. Give box to Pria in Deeren
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, 2310 gold, 19944 xp

Lv 15 - A mopping-up operation of the Norman (Fiasche in Deeren)

1. Talk to Fiasche
==> Warp to Sand Way (09313/15299)
==> Head east to Maynen Guard Post (past Norman gate)
2. Talk to Guard Reid
3. Get 5 Lassie Norman Warrior Leathers from Lassie Norman Warrior
4. Talk to Reid
5. Kill 5 Norman Guard
6. Talk to Reid
REWARDS: Bronze Solerlet, Senum El x8, 13700 gold, 16200 xp

Lv 15 - Get A Guerin Paste (Serarin in Gullet Path)

[16Lv] Gerin paste
1. Talk to Serarin, Gullet Aisle (22248/07598)
2. Go to Rantes/Tool Merchant in Deeren and get Gerin Paste
3. Go back to Serarin and free him with paste
REWARDS: High Nutrition, 1110 gold, 10173xp

Lv 16 - Retrieve Military Supplies! (Kanan in Maynen Guard Post)

[18Lv] Withdraw Army Supply
1. Talk to Kanen/Tool Merchant at Maynen Guard Post
2. Recover 5 Red Crystal Staff from norman shaman
3. Talk to Kanen
4. Collect 2 Black Axe from Norman Guard
5. Talk to Kanen
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Denic El, 4k gold, 12600xp

Lv 16 - Searching inside Terawhale (Scholar, Glisen in Deeren)

Investigate Inner Body of Terawhale
1. Talk to Glisen outside Deeren
3. Go to Terawhale Habitat and click on Terawhale to enter Mouth
4. Click on arrow and tickle uvula to go into Gullet Aisle
5. Find arrow to Gastric Room
6. In Gastric Room kill L20 Huge Moss Stone
==> Huge Moss Stone spawns with 2 L18 Moss Golems
7. Click on arrow to enter Intestinal Aisle
6. Go back to Gilsen
REWARDS: Silver Serillone, 1306 gold, 13116xp

Lv 18 - Protection of Terawhale (Scholar, Glisen in Deeren)

[20Lv] Protect Terawhale!
1. Talk to Glisen outside Deeren
==> Get into Terawhale's heart and kill Calicota
2. Find end of Intestinal Aisle (43819/04340)
3. Kill the two L15 Wooden Trunk to enter Stomach Room
4. In Stomach Room, collect 12 Moss Herbage from L19 Moss Stone
5. Go into Heart Room
6. Click on Parasite and detach using the 12 Moss Herbage
7. Kill L30 Calicota
==> spawns lower level mobs, all mobs in room will aggro and assist
==> Bring plenty of Med HP potions,
==> If someone dies, kite all mobs around room
8. Talk to Glisen
REWARDS: Mass Produced Steam Rider, 7k gold, 48240 xp

Lv 18? Sorrow Garden Invasion base (HIDDEN)

[20Lv] Sorrow Garden Invasion Base
1. Talk to Karenwedian at Pelken Guards Post
2. Kill L20 Rolly/Unit Leader in Sorrow Garden
==> Steam Balloon to Sorrow Hill
==> go south to Segrev Ridge
==> go west, entrance to Sorrow garden Invasion Base is 36958/15146
L20 Rabil/Guard and L20 Bridge/Guard
3. Talk to Karenwedian
REWARDS: Steel Ingot x56, Denic El x6, 16800 gold, 18k xp
Loot: Senum El, and Denic El, 1 Soul Crystal

Lv 20 - The communication operator, Hazler (Maynen Guard Post)

[22Lv] Communication Operator Hazler
1. Talk to Hazler/Telegraph Operator
2. Repair the repeater
==> Steam Balloon to Crow Gorge (16741/09540)
==> head south and take path to west
==> repeater is machine at 13038/10347
==> click on machine to exchange Mirion Parts with Defected Mirion Parts
3. Return to Hazler
4. Repair the repeater at Batcher's camp in Chaotic ground
==> exit guard post and head east, follow path north into Lassie Norman camp
==> repeater is at 17119/14648
==> click on machine to exchange Mirion Parts with Defected Mirion Parts
5. Talk to Hazler
REWARDS: Gunbird, Denic El, 16200 xp

Lv 20 - Rear Land (Izak in Gretycos)

this quest doesn't seem to be active

[20Lv] Protect the Siege Weapon (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Tirium/Alban Unit outside Ganedine
2. Talk to Latun at Segrev Ridge
==> Go to Pelken Guard Post
==> From Pelken Guard Post go SW to Segrev Ridge
==> located at 44600/15755
3. Click on the Byroad next to Latun
4. Click on the Steam Cannon
5. Kill 10 L25 Setin Unit (use Tab and [~] autoattack)
6. Open Inventory and click on Steam Cannon to dismount
7. Click on Byway to return to Segrev Ridge
8. Talk to Latun
REWARDS: 5500 gold, 26400xp, Patriotism +500

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