Rogwel Quest Keeper Quests Levels 21-30

Lv 23 A plot of the Norman (Kail in Maynen)

[Lv26] Norman tribe's plot
1. Go to Wild Valley and collect 20 Rock Crust Samples from L21-L22 Rock Crusts
2. Talk to Kail
3. Get 10 Erontoxic plants in Wild Valley
Click on the blue and purple flowers
4. Talk to Kail
5. Collect 15 Rock Crust Sample from tamed rock crust in dust gorge
==> Steam Balloon to Crow Gorge
==> kill L23/L24 Tamed Rock Crusts
6. Talk to Kail
7. Kill Norman Shaman
8. Talk to Kail
REWARDS: Hand Axe, Denic El, 14500 gold, 30960xp

Lv 23 Guild Tournament (Kagima in Maynen)

[26Lv] Guild Mass Meeting
1. Collect 5 Shaman Header Staffs from norman shaman header east of dust gorge
2. Talk to Kagima
3. Collect 3 Tooth of Berserker from norman Berserker
4. Talk to Kagima
REWARDS: Denic El, 16k gold, 46800 gold, unknown/leather suit

Lv 24 The Norman Chieftain, Kalin (Pria in Maynen)

[26Lv] Norman tribe chieftain Kalin
1. Kill Chieftain Kalin
- kill Chieftain Kalin, L36, spawns every 60 minutes
2. Talk to Kail in Maynen Guard Post
REWARDS: Bronze Skirt, Denic El x4, 15800 gold, 54k xp

Lv 24 Find out Black Claymore! (Fretan in Maynen)

[Lv 26] Black Claymore
1. Talk to Fretan in Maynen Guard Post
==> Steam Balloon to Crow Gorge
==> Go south
2. Kill 3 L26 Kardeack's Soldiers
3. Talk to Kardack
4. Go to Chief kalin's Camp to get Black Claymore from box
==> Box is at 21920/14051 (east box)
==> click on box to get Claymore
5. Talk to Fretan
REWARDS: Senum El x5, Denic El x2, 50k gold, 64800xp

Lv 25 Favor of Bazaba (Gretycos)

[27Lv] Bazaba's Request
Talk to Bazaba wandering around [30361, 05098]
1. Get a Deformed Spider Leg from L27/L28 Abnormal Spider in front of Gretycos castle at crossroads
2. Talk to Bazaba
3. Deliver Deformed Spider Leg Grill to Kensler
==> Kensler is east of the north NS Charger
4. Talk to Bazaba
5. Get a Deformed Poison Spider Leg from L28/L29 Abnormal Wolf Spider
6. Talk to Bazaba
7. Deliver Deformed Poison Spider Leg Grill to Kensler
8. Talk to Bazaba
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Rendin Ingot x11, Denic El x2, 20290 gold, 97200 xp

Lv 25 Kahas in Elerd Kingdom (Iren in Ganedine)

Lv 25 Kahas in Elerd Kingdom (Iren in Ganedine)
[25Lv] [R]Kahas in Elerd
1. Talk to Iren/Maestro at entrance of Granedine
2. Kill Kahas/Distribution Manager
REWARDS: Rendin Ingot x10, Denic El x5, Patriotism +10

Lv 25 Pertien in Elerd Kingdom (Kennwa in Deeren)

[25Lv] [R] Pertien in Elerd
1. Talk to Kennwa/Maestro in Deeren
2. Kill Pertien at Frand Aim in Elerd
REWARDS: Steel Moss x10, Denic El x5, Patriotism +10

Lv 26 Legend of Sorrow Hill (Firria in Pelken)

[28Lv] Legend of Sorrow Hill
1. Talk to Firria in Pelken Guard Post, get Paladin's badge
==> Steam Balloon to Sorrow Hill
==> go north into graveyard
==> click on tombstone at 37465/16895
2. Choose one of three gravestones
37318/16857 shield = L27 Soul of Warrior x2, L28 Soul of Paladin
37242/17207 accessory
37359/17166 weapon
REWARDS: Rendin Ingot x15, Denic El x2, 40k gold, 64800 xp, unknown reward

Lv 28 Agony of Guard Kiren (Gretycos)

[30Lv] The Guard Kiren's Trouble
Talk to Kiren (by north gate of Gretycos)
1. Collect 5 Young Haute Blood from Huates in Dirty Forest
2. Click on 5 Verine Flowers to get Verine Flower Stamen
==> look for blue and purple flowers
3. Talk to Kiren
REWARDS: Necklace of Immatured Ha, Denic El x3, 10400 gold, 73296xp

Lv 28 Stop the Pagans! (Brix in Gretycos)

[30Lv] The Pagan Menace
Talk to Brix in Gretycos (near Warehouse)
1. Collect 10 Heretical Cross by killing pagan faantics in Den of Pagan
2. Talk to Brix
3. Kill 8 Pagan Escort Mercenary
4. Talk to Brix in Gretycos Castle (says Flics)
5. Kill Paga Head Casan
6. Talk to Brix
REWARDS: Neosteam Tank Lv D, Denic El x5, 23k gold, 82800 xp, Bommen Ring

Lv 30 Difficulty of Subway Operation (Chitoo in Gretycos)

Lv 30 Difficulty of Subway Operation (Chitoo in Gretycos)
1. Talk to Chitoo, Subway manager in Gretycos
2. Collect
2 echidna gears from L31/32 Metal Echidna in Forbidden Area/Luin Island
1 maul magnetic from L33/34 Metal Maul in Forbidden Area/Luin Island
The drop rate is extremely low, like 2-5%, so expect this to take a while
3. Talk to Chitoo
REWARDS: Flamberge, Senum El x5, Denic El x2, 7k gold, 57600xp

Lv 30 Bounty Hunt (Granz in Gretycos)

1. Talk to Franz, near north gate of Gretycos castle
[34Lv] The Bounty Hunt
2. Collect 5 Little Haute Leather from L29/30 Young Haute in Dirty Forest
3. Talk to Franz
4. Collect 4 Prime Haute Leather from L31/32 Prime Hautes
==> Steam Balloon to Forbidden Area, watch out for the L34 Haute
5. Talk to Franz
6. Collect 2 Haute Leather from L34 Hautes in Forbidden Area
7. Kill a Repin Haute in Forbidden Area
8. Talk to Franz
REWARDS: Core Machine <Helmat>, Denic El x6, 28200 gold, 108k xp

Lv 30 Forbidden Area Invasion Base (Chamachi in Gretycos)

[30Lv] Polluted Area Invasion Base
1. Talk to Chamachi inside Gretycos Castle
2. Kill Ruboo/Unit Leader
==> go to Laboratory in Forbidden Area
==> go north then NW to Forbidden Area Invasion Base
3. Talk to Chamachi
REWARDS: Steel Moss x60, Denic El x12, 33600 gold, 56700xp
Denic El only, 1 Soul Crystal

Lv 30 Azwen in Elerd Kingdom (Iren in Ganedine)

[30Lv] [R] Elerd Kingdom Rienine
1. Talk to Iren/Maestro at Ganedine
2. Kill Azwen at Nigle Aim in Elerd
REWARDS: Solid Bark x5, Denic El x6, Patriotism +10

[30Lv] A Surprise Attack of Siege Weapon (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Tirium outside Ganedine
2. Talk to Harban
==> Go to Deeren
==> Steam Balloon to Fisherman Sante's House
==> go NE to 06879/13578 and talk to HaarVan
3. Click on the Byroad next to HaarVan
4. Click on Heavy Steam Cannon
5. Destroy the 5 L35 Burning Attackers (click on target and use [~] autoattack)
6. Open Inventory and click on Heavy Steam Cannon to dismount
7. Click on Byway to return to Cog Beach
8. Talk to HaarVan
REWARDS: 11k gold, 81600xp, Patriotism +750

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