Rogwel Quest Keeper Quests Levels 31-40

Lv 31 - Hunting of Skelecian (Old Pom in Gretycos)

[33Lv] Skelecian Hunt
1. Talk to Old Pom/Old Form (wanders near north gate of Gretycos castle)
2. Talk to Bretaneu Count in Tinberin/Linverlin Guard Post
3. Collect 10 Inner Tele Coil from L31/32 Rock Elementals in Painful Earth
4. Talk to Bretaneu Count
5. Collect 5 AI Filo from L33/34 Tiny Hunters in Painful Earth, can be found around the mines
6. Talk to Bretaneu Count
==> You will have 20 minutes to kill L35 Skelecian in Painful ground
==> If you fail, go back to Bretaneu Count and he will summon again
7. Talk to Bretaneu Count
REWARDS: Bommen Ring, Senum El x5, Denic El x2, 22700 gold, 126k xp

Lv 35 - Orazagi Staff (Old Pom in Gretycos)

[37Lv] Aurajagi Staff
1. Talk to Opaner at Dolph Guard Post
2. Warp to Cheminon Drift
3. Get Staff from L37 Tiny Shooter Lead
4. Talk to Opaner
REWARDS: Brigandine Boots, Denic El x5, 30k gold, 32940xp

Lv 35 - The Scholar, Ryucase (Job Offer Post in Gretycos)

[39Lv] Scholar Ryucares
1. Click on the Job Post in Gretycos, Gold Road near Save/Warehouse/Rookia
2. Talk to Ryucares at Screamy Trace
3. Collect 10 Seed of Fire from L35/36 Silape
4. Talk to Ryucares
5. Collect 8 Crystal of Fire from L37/L38 Silapion
6. Talk to Ryucares
7. Collect 5 Ore of Fire from L39/L40 Siladoo in Silent Ground
8. Talk to Ryucares
REWARDS: Denic El x5, 360k xp, unknown reward (Silver Staff)

Lv 35 - Adrian in Elerd (Kennwa in Deeren) (R)

[35Lv] [R] Adrian in Elerd
1. Talk to Kennwa/Maestro at Deeren
2. Kill Adrian/Transportation Manager at Rien Aim in Elerd
REWARDS: Life Crystal x3, Steel Moss x15, Kay El, Patriotism +10

Lv 35 - Breakbelt Invasion Base (Chamachi in Gretycos)

[35Lv] Ground of Scream Invasion Base
1. Talk to Chamachi inside Gretycos Castle
2. Kill Edin/Unit Leader at Breakbelt Invasion Base
==> Steam Balloon from Tiber Aim to Painful Earth
==> go NE to Goat Mine
3. Talk to Chamachi
REWARDS: Life Crystal x6, Kay El x2, 49600 gold, 79002xp
Denic El, Kay El, 2 Soul Crystals

Lv 36 - Legacy of History (Jonathan in Gretycos)

1. Talk to Jonathan in Gretycos, east of Kensler inside building
2. Kill L38 Burning Spirit to get Blaze Heart
3. Click on the Ancinet Core Measuring Maching
==> located at 41322/05567 in Trial Ruin hidden by a machine wreck
==> get Ancient Cortemeter
4. Talk to Jonathan
REWARDS: Denic El x6, 4k gold, 108k xp, unknown reward (Composite Gauntlet)

Lv 36 - Body of Skeleton (Yanti in Gretycos)

[38Lv] Skull of Skeleton
1. Talk to Yanti in Gretycos, Weapin Merchant
2. Collect Skull of Skeleton from L38 Ruin Skeleton in Trial Ruins
3. Collect Rib of Skeleton from L38 Ruins Skeleton
4. Collect Femoral Region Bone of Skeleton from L38 Ruin Skeleton Van
5. Collect Leg Bone of Skeleton from L38 Ruin Skeleton Archer
6. Collect Arm Bone from L38 Ruin Skeleton Archer
7. Deliver bones to Ornette in Trial Ruins
8. Talk to Yanti
REWARDS: Arrack Kara, Silver Seril Stone, Rendin Ingot x37, Denic El x7, 10500 gold, 90k xp

Lv 39 - Emblem of Summon (Yully Novarel in Gretycos)

[41Lv] Summoner's Emblem
1. Talk to Yully Novarel inside Gretycos Castle
==> take west staircase inside castle
2. Collect 5 Copper Heart from L39/L40 Cooper Elementals in Silent Ground
3. Collect 5 Iron Heart from L42 Iron Elementals
4. Talk to Yully Novarel
==> Warp to Desert Island
5. Kill L40 Copper Elemental King
==> there will be some L40 Cooper Elementals nearby
6. Click on Copper Emblem Storage at 12541/04941
7. Kill L41 Iron Elemental King
==> comes with free L42 Iron Elementals
8. Click on Iron Emblem Storage at 12955/04500
9. Click on Warp gate to return to Yully
REWARDS: Denic El x9, 14k gold, 270k xp, unknown reward (Composite Plate)

Lv 40 - Ceasemill Invasion Base (Chamachi in Gretycos)

[40Lv] Abandoned Factory Invasion Base
1. Talk to Chamachi inside Gretycos Castle
2. Kill Geda/Unit Leader at Abandoned Factory Invasion Base
==> Steam Balloon to Machine Gorge
==> go all the way west then go north
==> look north of the Bulldog Gang
3. Talk to Chamachi
REWARDS: Stan Ingot x16, Denic El x27, 58800 gold, 107370xp
Denic El, Kay El, 2 Soul Crystals

Lv 40 - Hagios in Elerd Kingdom (Berwel in Gretycos) (R)

[40Lv] [R] Elerd Kingdom Hagios
1. Talk to Berwel/Maestro near north part of Gretycos castle
2. Kill Hagios/High Bishop in Bijumir Town in Elerd Kingdom
REWARDS: Magic Granted Potion x15, Teratinum Ingot x5, Denic El x15, Patriotism +40

Lv 40 - The Great Wiseman, Natan (Kiren in Gretycos)

[42Lv] Natan, the Wise
1. Talk to Kiren, guard near north entrance of Gretycos Castle
2. Kill L42 Larva Blaze near Aron Abandoned Mine in Screamy Ground
==> located SW from flag
3. Talk to Kiren
4. Talk to Kianus inside Gretycos Castle
5. Talk to Apron/Robe merchant
6. Talk to Gon outside Gretycos Castle, NE from Eringun Crossroad
7. Talk to Apron
8. Kill L54 Larva Gear Golem in Zink Abandoned Mine in Screamy Ground
9. Talk to Apron
REWARDS: Composite Skirt, Denic El x8, 360k xp

Lv 40 - Scribbling in a Post (Franz in Gretycos)

[43Lv] Scribble in Posts
1. Talk to Franz, guard at north entrance of Gretycos Castle
2. Talk to Germand near Gretycos Castle (south near entrance leading inside castle)
3. Talk to Parkinson, wanders near Skill Master in Gretycos
4. Get Dark Walnut from Ground Armorbeatle in Forbidden Area
==> Steam Balloon To Linverlin Guard Post
==> Steam Balloon to Laboratory
5. Click on the rock at 31018/16164
6. Kill L44 Land ArmorBeatle and loot Black Walnut from Corpse
==> not 100% drop, rock respawns after 3-4 minutes
7. Talk to Parkinson
8. Deliver Black Walnut Roll Cake to Germand
9. Talk to Le Shark at Laboratory
10. Find Kierry
==> go outside gates of lab and go north
==> click on Old Machine equipment at 29923/15146
11. Kill L44 Kieri
==> a tough fight, mob will complete heal at least once during fight
==> despawns after about 10-12 minutes
12. Talk to Franz
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Metal Scale Leather x20, Kay El x1, 111k gold, 180k xp

Lv 40 - Boldock Menace (Germand in Gretycos)

1. Talk to Germand near entrance into Gretycos Castle
2. Kill 3 L47 Boldoch Gang in Machine Gorge
==> From Junk Mountain go west to around 25080/24293
3. Talk to Aril
4. Use Boldog's Key on Portal at 25059/24489
5. Kill L48 Bulldog
==> L47 Bulldog Gang wander nearby
==> Bulldog complete heals if he loses aggro
6. Talk to Le Kien, SE from the Portal
7. Talk to Franz at Gretycos Castle
REWARDS: Timber Shoes, Denic El x2, Kay El, 11600 gold, 360k xp

Lv 40 - The Red Mercenary (Dennian in front of Laboratory)

[47Lv] Red Mercenary
1. Talk to Dennian
==> Steam Balloon from Linverlin GP to Laboratory, located outside lab gate
2. Talk to Larry/Red Mercenary
3. Kill L47 Larry/Red Mercenary
4. Talk to Magros
5. Kill Skernew at Junk Mountain within 2 hours
==> Steam Balloon from Gretycos to Mountain of Broken Machines and go east
==> go north from flag past pipe and look for haute type mob
==> Town Portal back to Gretycos or Linverlin and Steam Ballon back to Laboratory
6. Talk to Magros
7. Talk to Dennian
REWARDS: Kether, Denic El x3, Kay El, 10k gold, 230400xp

Lv 40 - Dr. Hironopon (Dr Hirnonpon in Gretycos)

[50Lv] Dr. Hironopon
1. Click on the Old Machine by Greytcos Castle (29958/02814)
2. Talk to Hironopon 2nd in Gretycos Castle (near Battlefield Manager)
3. Talk to Dr Erickson in Ceasemill
==> Steam Balloon from Gretycos to Junk Mountain
4. Get recording Gauge from case in front of Ancient Control Remains
==> Steam Balloon from Gretycos to Underground Factory Entrance
==> Go south then east
==> Click on Recorder Box in front of Ancient Control Room Wreck at 29870/30161
5. Talk to Dr Erickson
6. Kill 5 L46 Ancient Watcher F203 at Garbiz Mountain
7. Kill 5 L46 Anicent Watcher F401 at Garbiz Mountain
8. Talk to Dr. Erickson
9. Kill L56 Ancient Fallen Watcher
==> spawns NW corner of Ancient Manufacturing Equipment Wreck
10. Talk to Dr Erickson
REWARDS: Hammer, Silver Seril Stone, Stan Ingot x28, Denic El x2, Kay El, 31100 gold, 432k xp

[40Lv] Siege Weapon Retake operation

1. Talk to Tirium outside Ganedine
2. Talk to Katus
==> Steam ballon from Gretycos castle to Underground Factory Entrance
==> go north
3. Click on Secret Path next to Katus
4. Click on Destroyer
5. Kill the L45 Setin Units
6. Destroy the L45 Wire Entanglement (got 3 Soul Crystals and 4 Patriotism)
7. Open Inventory and click on Destroyer to dismount
8. Click on Secret Path to return to Ceasemill
9. Talk to Katus
REWARDS: 17500 gold, 156k xp, Patriotism +1000

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