Rogwel Quests Rope Isle

Lv 50 - Rope Isle Shifting Test (Suit in Ganedine)

1. Talk to Suit in Ganedine
2. Bring 40 Soul Crystals to Suit
3. Go to Rope Isle
REWARDS: Life Crystal x50, 5k gold, 72k xp

Lv 61 - Swamp Gas Hippo (Payton in Iron Base)

1. Talk to Payton/Guard General at entrance of Iron Base
2. Collect 8 Leather of Swamp Hippo from Swamp Gas Hippos in Misty Swamp
3. Talk to Payton
REWARDS: Stan Ingot x35, Kay El x2, 31500 good, 972k xp

Lv 63 - Decayed Young Gas Hippo (Otwin in Iron Base)

[63Lv] Polluted Baby Gas Hippo
1. Talk to Otwin/Guard at Iron Base (by Guild Master)
2. Collect 12 Tooth of Little Gas Hippo from L64 Young Infected Gas Hippo in Black Swamp
3. Talk to Otwin
REWARDS: Top Quality Leather x15, Denic El x26, 34k gold, 1080k xp

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