I have no idea what blacate means.

However, all the blacate skills are defensive or shielding skills.

Skill Details

Jobs: Weapon Master, Animator, Warrior, Paladin, Engineer
Required Level: 11
Skill Level Effect: increase duration, skill lasting probability
Duration 28s
Cool Time 40s
Low Counter
Jobs: Weapon Master, Defender, Animator
Level Required: 11
Success Rate: Caster/Skill Level
Max Damage: defense of shield
Skill Level Effect: increase duration, damage, success rate
Duration 1min 24s
12 STA cool time 60s
Niddle Counter
Jobs: Warrior
Level Required: 11
Middle Counter
Jobs: Engineer
Level Required: 11

L11 Noble Shield (Defender) (Paladin)
SLE: Increase defense, duration

Duration 8min 24s
Instant 16STA 10s
L1 = +11 defense
Lv 2 = 1/396

L14 Worry Room (WM) (Paladin)
SLE: Increase ranged defsense, duration
Duration 8min 24s
instant 18STA 60s
1/416 to Lv2
reduces long range attack power by shield defense
L14 Tight Room (Warrior)
L14 Hard Chopper (Defender)
L14 Dwell Hero (Defender) (Paladin)
SLE: increase attack power, duration
duration 8min 24s
instant 20STA 60s
+18 Atk
1/416 to Lv2
L17 Duty Front (Defender) (Paladin)
Require: Party
SLE: increase self-defense, party defense, duration
8min 24s
instant 20sta 60s
L20 Dwell Deity (Defender) L20 Dwell Goat (Paladin)
SLE: increase max hp, duration
8min 24s
instant 24STA 60s
L1 Max HP+560, Max STA+200
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