Bow and Freak Bow


Skill Details

L11 Double Shot
Requirement: Bow
Max Damage: 150
Skill Level Effect: Increases Damage
Instant 7 STA 8s cool
L11 Insert Coal
Require: Bow
Success Rate
Max Damage 130
SLE: increase damage, success rate
duration: 10s
instant sta 7 8s cool
1/396 to 2/10
L13 taxzn ranger 31 29 38 12 109 34 23 81 76 19
231 dmg
L11 Weep
Require: Bow
Max Damage 180
Skill Level Effect increase damage
instant 10 STA 15s
L11 Ignite
require: bow
max damage: 150
sle; increase damage
instant 8sta 15s cool
1/396 to 2/10
L13 taxzn range, 216, 351 with insert coal
Rogue > Tracker
L14 Hold Spot - slow
L14 Silent Call - special attack (Ranger)
require: bow
success rate
max damage 280
sle: increase damage, success rate
duration 15s
casting 1s, 13 sta, 20s
L17 Up Power - special attack L17 Lead Anemic - poison attack (Ranger)
require: bow
sucess rate
max damage: 200
sle: increase damage, success rate
duration 30s
casting 1s 16sta 25s
L20 Bulls Hydra - special attack
require bow
max damage 220
damage increases when target is stunned?
sle: increases damage
instant 21sta 40s
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