Smithary and Manipulate

Skill Details

SMITHARY (Artifact Maker) (Smith)
L11 Hammering
Skill Level EffectL increase production list, increase random value
Casting 3s no cool down
MANIPULATE (Animator) (Engineer)
L11 Combine - increase production success rate
Production Skill
Skill Level Effect: Increase Production List, Increrase random Value
Casting Time: 3s
Cool Time: None
1/1917 to lv 3
L11 Broken Weapon - disarm
Success Rate: Caster/Skill Level
max Damage: 250
Skill Level Effect: increase damage, skill lasting time, success rate
Duration: 1min 12s
instant 13 STA 35s cooldown
L11 Interbomb - uses Bomb
Requirement: Bomb
Skill Level Effect: Machine Bomb Increment
Casting Time 2s
STA: 10
Cool Time: 10s
1/396 to 2
Summons a bomb throwing mechanical rodent
Rodent will attack nearest enemy then despawn
Can only have one Interbomb up at Lv 1
L1 does around 269 damage
L11 Siege Weapon - attack buff
Skill Level Effect: increase attack power
Duration 8min 24s
instant 10sta 30s
L14 Red Powder - AOE poison
Require: Red Powder
success rate: caster/skill level
Skill Level Effect: increase damage, success rate
duration 10s
instant 14STA 20s
L14 Strain Tool - extra damage to mobs with low HP
Success Rate: based on Caster Level and Skill Level
Max Damage: 190
Skill Level Effect: Increase damage, increase success rate
Casting Time: Instant
STA: 14
Cool Time 20s
1/416 to 2/3
L1 does about 360 damage
L14 Shock Ball - direct damage + snare
Requirement: Shock Ball
Success Rate: based on caster Level and Skill Level
Max Damage: 190
Skill Level Effect: Increase damage, Increase Movement Speed Decrease, Increase Success rate
Duration: 10s
Casting Time: Instant
STA: 14
Cool: 20s
1/416 to 2/3
L1 does about 4x normal max damage
L17 Inverse Line - dissamble items
success rate: proportion to skill level
skill level effect: increase success rate, materials returned on failure
casting 3s, coll none
L17 Inverse Rail - Disassemble items to get materials
L20 trim Stone - make blocks
skill level effect: increase production list
casting 3s, no cool
L20 Fix Gear - make field blocks

L25 Blokiens - make close-range siege weapons
Skill Level Effect: increases production list

Casting time: 3s, no cool

L20 Mekiens - make long range siege weapon
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