Skill Details

L11 Stone Skin - defense buff
sle: increase defense, duration
duration 8min 24s
instant 8 sta 30s cool
1/396 to l2
L1 +22 defense
L11 Taming
success rate: skill level
sle: increase success rate
3s cast 50sta cool 15min
1/396 to l2
L14 Grant Confidence - EXP death penalty decrease (Tracker) L14 Whole Detection - find concealed (Ranger)
find concealed
success rate: skill
sle: increase success rate
instant 7sta 10s cool
L14 Lead Location - summon party member (Tracker) L14 Sign Target - defense debuff (Ranger)
sle: increase debuff, duration
duration 1min 24s
instant sta 7 cool 10s
L17 Tranquil - calm/PvP STA/MP debuff
success rate caster/skill
sle: increase duration, sta/mp debuff, success rate
duration 12s
instant 7sta 15s cool
L20 Full Swine - Sta/MP use decrease (Tracker) L20 Inspiration - XP buff (Ranger)
sle: duration
8min 24s
instant 36 sta 30s cool
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