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Potions are used to recover HP, MP or SP (Stamina).

The Magic Tool Set provides some some basic Attack/Magic Attack/Defense/Run buffs.

The Mic Potion is used to feed Tamed monsters.

The Mental Crystal is used for Summons.

The Combination Spawn is used by Craftors for some Rifle skills.

The Combination Armulet is used by Assassins.

Red Powder is used by Artifact Makers and Smiths.

Bombs and Shock Balls are used by Animators and Engineers.

Speakers, scratch paper, guild scratch paper and the dice are social items.

The Neosteam Engine, Machine Control, Gear and Piston are used to make items.

The Core Machines are used with Socketed Armor or Weapons.

Price List

190G    Low HP Potion   HP +650
    997G    Middle HP       HP +1100
    532G    Low MP Potion   MP +110
    1,995G  Middle MP       MP +180
    399G    Low STA Potion  Sta +90
    1,520G  Middle STA      Sta +150
    66G     Magic Tool Lv1 Set  +Atk/Def/Mov Spd/Mag Atk
    95G     Mic Potion      Food for tamed monsters
    285G    Mental Crystal  used for summons
    47G     Combination Spawn   special bullet
    47G     Combination Armulet used by Assassins
    28G     Red Powder      
    28G     Bomb
    95G     Shock Ball
    47,500G Speaker         Lv15 use 10 neosteam to world chat
    95g     Scratch paper   send note to another player
    9,500G  Guild Scratch Paper chat with guild members
    9G      100 Scythed Die (1-100)
    9G      6 Scythed Die (1-6)
    9,500G  Low-Power Neosteam Engine - used in combines
    3,800G  Inferior Machine Control - socket weapon/armor
    2,375G  Precision Gear - hammering
    2,375G  Precision Piston - hammering
    35,625G G2 Core Machine <Helmat> - immune slow/inferios swift
    71,250G G2 Core Machine <Helmat> immune to poison
    19,000G G1 Core Machine <Plate> - <Hard Pelt> - buffs defense
    28,500G G1 Core Machine <Glove> - <Cooper Intaker> - gather neosteam from enemy
    35,625G G1 Core Machine <Pants> <Bronze Protector> reduce reaction dmg caused by steam machine
    71,250G G2 Core Machine <Pants> <Life Container> - increase max HP
    71,250G G2 Core Machine <Shoes> <Weave Interruption> skill lock
    35,625G G1 Core Machine <Power Breaker> - 1k dmg

There are tool shops in every town and Guard Post/Aim, as well as one in Rear Land, and several in Rope Isle. Prices and selection will vary.

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