Defender, God Caller, Paladin and Summoner can all increase movement speed using the Double Rush skill.
Double Rush increases movement speed by 30%.

Magic Tool kits can be used to temporarily increase movement speed by 20%.

Lizard Rider

You can get a temporary (7 day) Lizard Rider by completing the Travel Quests and opening Trial Box 18.

Mass Produced Steam Rider/Mine Rider

The Mass Produced Steam Rider is a quest reward for completing the the Terawhale quest.

It can be upgraded to a Mine Rider which allows mining of materials.

The Mine Rider can be further upgraded.

The Steam Rider/Mine Rider can't be used in a Town or Castle area.


Some NPCs will warp you during a quest.

The Save Location NPC in each Guard Post or Aim can also warp you to either Town.
The Save Location NPCs in each Town or Castle will not warp.
This service costs 1,000 gold.

The Save NPCs at Rope Isle will warp you to your national base (Iron Base or Tranquility Refuge)
This costs 3,000 gold.

Steam Rider/Steam Walker

Boss Loot Steam Rider
This version of the Steam Rider can be made by the Craft NPC.

Required materials for Rogwel:
1) 4 million gold
2) Larva steam tank from Larva gear golem in zinc dead pit
3) Sharp Leg Bones from Repin Hatue in polluted area

Required materials fo Elerd:
1) 4 million gold
2) Bach Steam Tank from Bark Royal Tarp in Bark Town
3) Alloyed Stan from King of Broken machine in Grave of Machine

Factory Steam Rider
You can also make a Steam Rider by gathering parts in the Kerman/Mercus Factory
1) 2 steam-rider running parts
2) 2 steam-rider control parts
loot from hidden material boxes in factory

Use the Factory Manufacturing Machine in the 7th Floor Machine Room to make the Steam Rider.

You have to be at least level 50 to use this version of the Steam Rider.
Upgrading the Steam Rider/Walker lowers the level requirement.


The Subway allows for travel between towns and the castle.
The Subway is located in each Town and Castle.
The Subway is also used for getting to the Rear Land (PvP area).
You can travel freely between any destination.

It costs 500 gold to move to a Town or Rear Land.
It costs 1,000 gold to move to a castle.

Steam Balloon

Steam Balloons are used to travel between populated areas on a continent (Elerd, Rogwel, Taxzn Alliance, Rope Isle)

There is a Steam Balloon located at each Town, Guard Post/Aim and Castle.
You need a Flight Map to use the Steam Balloon to travel between Towns, Guard Posts/Aims and Castles.
You can only move between certain locations.

200 Gold can be used to travel between Towns, Guard Posts/Aims and the Castle.

150 Neosteam can be used to make a one-way trip to a monster area.

For Rogwel the basic route is:
Deeren Town (west)
Maynen Guard Post
Dolph Guard Post
Gretycos Castle
Linverlin/Tinberin Guard Post
Pelken Guard Post
Granedine Town (east)

The basic route for Elerd is:
Bijumir Town (north)
Deren Aim
Frand Aim
Cerity Praha Castle
Nigle Aim
Rien Aim
Nasdaim (south)

Steam Balloons are also used to move between Invasion Bases, on Rope Isle and the Taxzn Alliance.

Steam Balloon Routes


The Zeppelin can be found in Ganedine or Nasdaim.

The Zeppelin is used to travel between continents (Elerd, Rogwel, Tazxn Alliance and Rope Isle).

When you use the Zeppelin the following will happen:
1) Your party will disband automatically
2) Summons will disappear
3) Tamed monsters will be turned into a deposit receipt.
4) All buffs except Premium Buffs will disappear

It costs 300 gold to travel to and from the Taxzn Alliance.
It is free to move to the opposing Nation.
It costs 3,000 gold to go to Rope Isle.

If you are moving to the Taxzn Alliance, you will move to the Zeppelin Dock nearest your Nation's Town.
If you are moving to the opposing Nation, you will arrive at the Main Invasion Base.
If you are moving to Rope Isle you will arrive at your National base (Iron Base or Tranquility Refuge).
If you are returning to your Nation, you will arrive in the Town Square.


The Crom at Rope Isle have a system of Cannons.

Cannons are very expensive to use.
The price depends on your citizenship status with the Crom

30,000 gold = No Citizenship
20,000 gold = 3rd Grade Citizenship

Arbitration/Mediation Town (Rogwel)
No Citizenship = 30k
3rd Grade Citenship = 20k
==> Conviction Town (Dispear)
==> Negotiation Town (Elerd)
==> Oblivion Swamp
==> Tragedy Basin

Negotiation Town (Elerd)
==> Conviction Town (Dispear)
==> Mediation Town (Arbitration Town) (Rogwel)
==> Decayed Gorge
==> Opal Forest

Conviction Town (Dispear)
==> Town of Negotiation (Elerd)
==> Mediation Town (Rogwel)

Steam Submarine

The Steam Submarine is currently used to travel from Rear Land to Elerd or Rogwel.
The Steam Submarine movie also plays after you board the Subway to go to Rear Land.

When you use the Steam Submarine in Rear Land the following will happen:
1) Your party will disband automatically
2) Summons will disappear
3) Tamed monsters will be turned into a deposit receipt.
4) All buffs except Premium Buffs will disappear

It costs 500 gold to move from Rear Land to Elerd or Rogwel.

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