Riall is a separate continent that can be accessed after completing the class specialization quest.
Travel to Riall by taking the subway from any town or castle.
Riall typically has the best experience for leveling.

Riall is divided into six separate zones:
1) Riall Town
2) Jarit's Garden for levels up to 30
3) Ancient Factory for levels 31 to 45
4) Dimensional Rift for levels 46 to 60
5) Jarit's Mercenary Outpost for levels 61 to 70
6) Crystal Henge for levels 71 to 80

Riall Town is a neutral zone. The other zones are for leveling.

Riall and PvP

The leveling zones are divided into non PvP, or safe areas, along the edges and a PvP area in the center.
Lower level monsters spawn in the safe areas and higher level monsters spawn in the center area.
The center area of each Riall zone is called the mid.

If you attack a player from another nation, you get a Call to Arms flag for 2 minutes.
You can be attacked anywhere in the leveling zones until the Call to Arms flag expires.
If you start PvP and run into the safe zone, you can still be attacked by players of the other nation.

In Jarit's Garden there is a special flag you get when you are killed in PvP. The Riall Blessing flag prevents other
players from attacking you anywhere in the zone for 9 minutes. If you attack another player the Riall Blessing
flag will automatically expire and you'll get the Call to Arms flag.

Jarit's Garden

riall-garden.jpg Levels: up to 30

NW corner = Elerd Entrance 1
SW corner = Elerd Entrance 2
NE corner = Rogwel Entrance 1
SE corner = Rogwel Entrance 2

L12 Young Riall Stinger (North/South Edges)
L15 Riall Stinger (North/South/Edges)
L20 Riall Aldrovana (North/South Areas)
L25 Riall Armor Beatle (Mid)
L30 Riall Elemental Enforcer (Mid)
L15 Calm Mossy Statue (North/South Areas)(Tame)
L25 Calm Hatue (Mid)(Tame)

Ancient Factory

riall-af.jpg Levels: 31 to 45

NW = Elerd Entrance 1
NE = Elerd Entrance 2
SW = Rogwel Entrance 1
SE = Rogwel Entrance 2

L35 Riall Spider (Corners)
L40 Riall Animated Machine (Outer Edges)
L40 Riall Crystalwing (Around Mid)
L45 Riall Heavy Core (Mmid)
L35 Calm Sillape (Corners)(Tame)
L45 Calm Lost Sentry (Mid)(Tame)

Note: The above map can be confusing, in the center of the mid there's a slope leading to a mechanical area. There large amounts of Riall Heavy Cores spawn. This area is the best known 'grinding grounds' for Ancient Factory.

Dimensional Rift

riall-dr.jpg Levels: 46 to 60

NW = Elerd Entrance 1
NE = Elerd Entrance 2
SW = Rogwel Entrance 1
SE = Rogwel Entrance 2

DR1 = West Side
DR2 = East Side
Mid = Lava

L50 Riall Deathleaper (Outer Edges)
L55 Riall Crooker (DR1/DR2)
L55 Riall Abomination (DR1/DR2)
L60 Rial Raptor (Mid/Lava)
L55 Calm Chiron (Mid)(Tame)

Jarit's Mercenary Outpost

riall-mo.jpg Levels: 61 to 70

NW = Elerd Entrance
SW = Elerd Entrance
NE = Rogwel Entrance
SE = Rogwel Entrance

L63 Jarit's Recruit
L66 Jarit's Mercenary
L69 Mercenary Captain
L65 Calm Reckless Hippo (Tame)

Steam Core Wars
6am | 12:00am | 4:00pm | 8:00pm | 12:00pm

Crystal Henge

riall-71.jpg Levels: 71 to 80

Steam Core Wars
6am | 12:00am | 4:00pm | 8:00pm | 12:00pm

L73 Crystal Hydra
L76 Enchanted Hydra
L79 Vengeful Hydra
L75 Calm Ancient Wisp (tame)

Riall Town

riall-town-map.jpg Sub = Travel back to your home nation
Arena = 1v1 open PvP

Crafting/Warehouse =
Manufacturing Machine
Refining Machine
Neo Steam Tank
Warehouse NPC
No Material Traders
No Crafting NPC

Steam Balloon (east of Jarit) = Entrance to any Riall area
JG = Entrance to Jarit's Garden
AF = Entrance to Ancient Factory
DR = Entrance to Dimension Rift
MO = Entrance to Jarit's Mercenary Outpost
CG = Entrance to Crystal Henge
Use the Steam Balloon to access the Crystal Henge

Jarit's Farm (Pufu Farm)
L3 Riall Baby Pufu
L6 Riall Piyo
L9 Riall Pufu
L9 Fuzzleton the Third (Boss)

Riall (Original KR/JP/CN/TW Closed Beta Version)

The Original Riall has a unique field zone which has a Level 20 restriction for entry.
Hence these zones are removed after KR/JP/CN/TW Open Beta Launched.
These zones are considered the best PvP zones for lower levels players.
By using the Steam Balloon in Riall to reach Rogue Town, head to the South Entrance of Rogue Town to reach these field zones.
The leveling zones are all PvP areas, and there are even Boss monsters in the field.
The are also Quests made for these zones.

Map of Rogue Town & Below Zones [Old Beta Map]
Screenshot of (Boss) Steel King [Old Beta]
Screenshot of (Boss) Revenant King [Old Beta]
Screenshot of (Boss) Giant Fire Idrian [Old Beta]

Crom Graves
Normal Mob L31 Skeletal Warrior, L32 Skeletal Archer, L33 Skeletal Keeper, L34 Skeletal Mage, L34 Skeletal Commander, L35 Restraint Revenant, L36 Soul Prisoner, L37 Revenant Stalker, L38 Scrap Soul, L39 Warrior Revenant, L40 Ghost of Justicar, L41/42 Wandering Revenant, L41 Sword Keeper, L42 Hell Messenger, L42 New Lucian Noble
Unique Mob L38 Dragon Revenant, L42 Revenant Keeper
Boss L80 Golem King
Dark Hall 1
Normal Mob L43 Silent Walker, L44 Steel Strider, L45 Electrical Machine, L46 Steel walker
Unique Mob L46 Giant Mechanical Revenant X
Boss L80 Steel King
Dark Hall 2
Normal Mob L43 Mini Wood Elemental, L47 Wood Elemental, L48 Steel Crom Collector, L50 Steel Crom Charger, L49 Steel Crom Attacker, L50 Steel Crom Blacksmith, L50 Crom Mobile Cannon, L52 Steel Crom Tribal Chief
Unique Mob L50 Steel Master
Dark Hall 3
Boss L80 Revenant King
Dark Hall 5
Normal Mob L47 New Lucian Convert, L50 New Lucian Nobel, L52 New Lucian Mage, L52 New Lucian Black Buster
Burning Grounds (Middle Region)
Normal Mob L51 Goblin Sniper, L52 Goblin Berserker, L53 Fire Elemental, L54 Giant Golem
Tame L55 Calm Abomination
Unique Mob L52 Goblin Leader, L54 Abomination
Burning Grounds (North Region)
Normal Mob L54 Giant Burning Golem, L55 Fire Spirit, L56 Mini Wandering Dragon, L57 Fire Bomb, L58 Wandering Dragon, L82 Hell Decider
Burning Grounds (South Region)
Normal Mob L59 Burning Lava, L60 Burning Golem, L61 Giant Wandering Dragon, L62 Giant Burning Golem
Unique Mob L58 Dark Idrian, L62 Fire Idrian
Boss L80 Giant Fire Idrian, L92 Hell Idrian
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