Ardent Robes


Robes for Mystics only.

Socketed Neosteam: 3750
Success Rate: 60% for Socket armor
Ardent Armor Normal (Melt Down 7) Semi-Rare Socket (Smithing 8)
Name Defense Level Materials Level Level Materials
Ardent Hat 15 59 05-priest-bonnet-normal.jpg Enchanted Gressid (36)
Bark (2)
69 05-priest-bonnet-semi.jpg 71 05-priest-bonnet-socket.jpg Mother Tree Cloth (83)
Tough Bark (25)
Precise Widget (3)
Ardent Robe 52 62 05-priest-robe-normal.jpg Enchanted Gressid (82)
Bark (5)
72 05-priest-robe-semi.jpg 74 05-priest-robe-socket.jpg Mother Tree Cloth (198)
Tough Bark (62)
Precise Widget (6)
Ardent Gloves 12 59 05-spike-muffle-normal.jpg Barbed Leather (24)
Bark (2)
69 05-spike-muffle-semi.jpg 71 05-spike-muffle-socket.jpg Mother Tree Cloth (77)
Tough Bark (23)
Precise Widget (2)
Ardent Shoes 12 59 05-spike-shoes-normal.jpg Barbed Leather (25)
Bark (2)
69 05-spike-shoes-semi.jpg 71 05-spike-shoes-socket.jpg Mother Tree Cloth (77)
Tough Bark (23)
Precise Widget (2)


priest-semi-set.jpg priest-socket-set.jpg
Semi-Rare Ardent Socket Ardent

Justicar/Templar Armor Bulky Bronze Composite Fortified Gareth's Heavy Armor Carabinier Fine Carabinier L100 Rare Heavy Armor
Vanguard/Crusader Armor Rusty Scale Pinion Chain Gareth's Medium Armor Gladiator Fine Gladiator L100 Rare Medium Armor
Mystic Armor Novice Astik Caretaker's Ardent Gareth's Robes Master's Fine Master's L100 Rare Robes
Scout Armor Cloth Leather Timber Spiked Gareth's Light Armor Rhaetian Fine Rhaetian L100 Rare Light Armor
Machinist Armor Clockwork Coilspring Pulse Spirit Gareth's Machinist Armor Construct Fine Construct L100 Rare Machinist Armor
Normal Armor Threadbare Gabardine Speculator Utilitarian
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