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The Colosseum is a special area that allows you to fight waves of monsters for 30 minutes.
You get EXP, but no gold or loot (with the exception of Fortitude Potions).
You do not lose experience if you die in the Colosseum.

EXP Badges do not work in the Colosseum.

Talk to any Subway Operator to travel to the Colosseum.
It costs 500 gold to travel to the Colosseum.

Talk to the Colosseum Attendant to enter the Colosseum.

You need either a Colosseum Ticket or GP (Guild Points) to enter the Colosseum.
Colosseum Tickets drop from mobs in Rope Isle.
The level of the Colosseum Ticket or amount of GP you spend determines the level of the monsters.

Lv 65 Lv. 65 Colosseum Ticket 1,000 GP L65 Frenzied Crystalwing
Lv 75 Lv. 75 Colosseum Ticket 1,500 GP L75 Volsin Warrior
Lv 85 Lv. 85 Colosseum Ticket 2,000 GP L85 Warbot Elite

Once you give the ticket/spend GP, you and your party will be warped inside the Colosseum.
Only one party at a time can be in the Colosseum.

The monsters will come out of seven portals in the Colosseum.
If you die, you will be warped to an area blocked by the Colosseum Gate.
After a couple of seconds the Colosseum Gate disappears and you can re-enter the Colosseum.

After the 30 minutes is over, you will be automatically warped back to the Colosseum Attendant.

The Colosseum Attendant can warp you to your Nation's towns or castle (Garnedine/Diren/Greticos or Nasdaim/Bijumir/Cerity Praha).
There is no cost to leave the Colosseum.


You need at least a tank and an Animator/Evoker.
All melee classes should be using a spear.
Everyone should stand in the same spot. This way aggro will be on the people doing the most damage.
This also prevents healers from getting aggro from incoming mobs. Protector Summons should be put on Passive.
Spreading out or fighting in groups is not efficient.

Stand by the gate for fewer mobs. Somebody will have to gather mobs from the rest of the Colosseum.
Stand in the middle to get aggro from all the incoming mobs.


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