Kingdom of Elerd


The Kingdom of Elerd is a magic-based nation dominated by Elves.


Cerity Praha Castle Seat of government
Bijumir Trading center, cheapest prices
Nasdaim Industrial center, Battlefield, zeppelin to other nations


Levels 1 to 14 Hidden Sanctuary located outside Bijumir
Levels 1 to 14 Turtle Beach located outside Nasdaim
Levels 15 to 26 Armankase's Forest central area of Elerd
Levels 15 to 26 Swamp of Despair East of Turtle Beach
Levels 27 to 34 Barren Wastes Areas surrounding Cerity Praha
Levels 31 to 42 Baruk Den North of Cerity Praha
Levels 35 to 46 Crimson Desert South of Cerity Praha
Level 50+ Mercus Factory Dungeon located outside Bijumir


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