Flame Basin


Flame Basin is accessed from a portal inside the building at Conviction Town.
You must have 2nd grade Crom Citizenship to enter Flame Basin.

Crom Citizenship

Third-grade Citizenship
You need Third-grade citizenship to access the Carius Lab.
You need to collect 60 drops from two different areas.
You can talk to the Crom NPC at either town to get citizenship.

Fina at Mediation Square (Rogwel)
60 Lost Stone The Forgotten Land
60 Earth Crystals War Storm
Pakuda at Negotiation Site (Elerd)
60 Oblivion Leaves Land of Oblivion
60 Souls of the Earth Forest of Prosperity

Second-grade Citizenship
You need Third-grade citizenship before you can get Second-grade citizenship.
You need Second-grade citizenship to access the Disouther Lab
You need to collect three different types of items that drop from mobs in the Eastmaze/Westmaze areas.

Truya at Conviction Town
65 Microbe Lizards and blobs in Eastmaze [Elerd]/Westmaze [Rogwel]
65 Chiron Bone Chiron mobs in Extinction Swamp [Eastmaze/Elerd]/Massacre Marsh [Westmaze/Rogwel]
65 Truuk Charm Truuks at Red Truuk Base [Eastmaze/Elerd] or Black Truuk Camp [Westmaze/Rogwel]



E = Entrance

Flame Basin is divided into three areas.
The west side is under Rogwel control.
The Elerds control the east side.
The center of the map is an open PvP area.

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