Rope Isle


Neutral Areas
Negotiation Site Crom town in Forest of Prosperity (Elerd), Carius Lab
Meditation Sqaure Crom town in War Storm (Rogwel), Carius Lab
Conviction Town Crom town in Steppes of Repose, Disouther Lab, Flame Basin portal


Rogwel Areas
Steel Stronghold Rogwel base
The Forgotten Island Area outside Steel Stronghold
Rocky Basecamp Rogwel outpost at the Forgotten Island
War Storm Rogwel side
Westmaze Camp Rogwel outpost in War Storm
Westmaze Rogwel area in central Rope Isle
Elerd Areas
Tranquility Refuge Elerd base
Land of Oblivion Area outside Tranquility Refuge
Basecamp Elerd outpost in Land of Oblivion
Forest of Prosperity Elerd side
Eastmaze Camp Elerd outpost in Forest of Prosperity
Eastmaze Elerd area in central Rope Isle
Steppes of Repose PvP area in central Rope Isle
Flame Basin Restricted area accessed from Conviction Town
War Field Realm vs Realm map


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