Taxn Alliance


The Taxn Alliance is the home of the tribes of Taxn Humans, Lupines, Lyells, and Tarunes.
The various tribes have decided to ally themselves with either Elerd or Rogwel.
Lupines are found exclusively in Rogwel.
Tarunes are found only in Elerd.
Taxn Humans and Lyells can be found in either nation.


Deluke Allied with the Republic of Rogwel
Bashitunka Allied with the Kingdom of Elerd


Levels 1 to 10 Bashitunka Grasslands, Eldergrove Elerd areas
Levels 1 to 10 Deluke Grasslands, Deluke Beach, Windwood Rogwel areas
Any level Mother Tree Plain Entrance to the Underworld
Level 91+ Underworld Land of the Elements


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