Elerd Vs Rogwel


Rogwel & Elerd characters will start in Riall Town.

Nation Comparison

Republic of Rogwel

Nation Characteristic

Accessories Status Features
1. Necklaces
[Higher CON & Random -5 Equip Bonus]
2. Earrings
[Higher STR & INT & Random -5 Equip Bonus]
3. Belts
[Higher HP & Random -5 Equip Bonus]

Crafting Features
1. Salvage [Return 20% Materials if crafting fail]

Racial Features
1. Rogwel Race for Crafters have better Strength & Constitution stats than Elerd Race

Elerd Kingdom

Nation Characteristic

Racial Features
1. Elerd Race have better Intelligence stats than Rogwel Race

Skill Features
Elerd Nation have addition Skills called to Boost their stats.
1. Armankase's Oath
[Self Buff that increase CON]
2. Armankase's Blessing
[Self Buff that increase STR and HP]
3. Armankase's Grace
[Self Buff that increase STR and INT]

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