Uses Fire-based attack spells
Debuffs targets using Affliction spells
Has a basic heal spell
Can wear Robes and wield a Staff


Wizard Guide by Mille [Official forums]
Arcanist guide by Primrah [Official Forums]



Magical damage, Debuffer

Race Selection

Current Rankings (based on Int and Con)
1. Elf
2. Elerd Pom (-2 Con)
3. Elerd Human/Elerd Taxn (-2 Int, -1 Con)
4. Rogwel Pom (-3 Int, -3 Con)
5. Tarune/Elerd Lyell (-4 Int)
6. Rogwel Taxn/(Rogwel Human?) (-5 Int, -2 Con)
7. Lupine/Rogwel Lyell (-7 Int, -2 Con)
Unknown: Rogwel Human

Job Comparison

vs Sorcerers
Arcanists and Sorcerers get the same skills.
Arcanists use Fire-based magic and Sorcerers use Ice-based magic.

vs Animators/Evokers
Arcanists can debuff a target.
Arcanists get more Attack Spell skills.
Arcanists get a basic heal spell.
Arcanists can't Buff or Summon.


Skill Max Power Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L01 Fireball 90 1s none 3 MP +2.5 MP
L03 Mystic Surrender self-buff instant 40s 5 MP +4 MP convert HP into MP
L06 Blaze Wall 90 AOE 1s none 5 MP +4 MP
L11 Burning Hands 200 1s 1s 6 MP +4.5 MP close range attack
L14 Force of Will buff instant 1s 10 MP +6.5 MP defensive buff
L17 Ruinous Zap 240 instant 20s 11 MP +8 MP stun, works vs immunity
L20 Flame Cyclone 300 AOE 1s 20s 17 MP +11.5 MP snare, works vs immunity
L25 Astral Flare counterattack 5s 50s 29 MP +19 MP
Skill Max Power Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Envenom varies instant 10s 5 MP +4 MP 20s of poison
L11 Sap 10s debuff instant 10s 4 MP +3 MP 13s, +3s/level, works vs immunity
L14 Enfeeble 40s AOE debuff instant 10s 4 MP +3 MP attack speed debuff, works vs immunity
L17 Slumber 10s debuff 1s 10s 5 MP +4 MP awakens if attacked
L17 Bind 10s debuff 1s 10s 8 MP +6 MP stuns the target for 10s
L20 Corruption 60s AOE debuff instant 10s 5 MP +4 MP defensive debuff
L25 Curse of the Flesh AOE debuff instant 60s 11 MP +8 MP target takes 10% more dmg, 11s + ?s/level
Skill Max Power Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Rejuvenate 400 1s 8s 7 MP +5 MP basic heal
L11 Teleport 5s 60s 11 MP +8 MP
L14 Mystic Veil instant 2min 14 MP +10 MP 7s + 2.5s/level

Neosteam Classes
Starting Jobs: Warrior Mystic Machinist Scout
Elerd Jobs: Crusader Templar Arcanist Evoker Artificer Gadgeteer Warden Shadowreaver
Rogwel Jobs: Vanguard Justicar Sorcerer Animator Galvanist Tinkerer Strider Nightstalker
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