Primarily a sword wielder
Basic gun skills
Can wear Heavy Armor
Craft melee weapons and armor
Basic blockade skills


Smith Guide by Cosmo [Official forums]
Smith/Artifact Maker Guide by WinglesS [Official forums]



Melee weapon and armor crafting, melee damage, tanks, ranged support

Race Selection

Rankings (based on Str and Con)
1. Pom
2. Lupine/Rogwel Lyell (-2 Con)
3. Rogwel Elf (-2 Str, -2 Con)
4. Rogwel Human/Rogwel Taxn (-4 Str)
5. Elerd Taxn/Elerd Human (-6 Str, -3 Con)
6. Elerd Elf (-5 Str, -4 Con, +1 Int)
7. Tarune/Elerd Lyell (-4 Str, -6 Con)

Job Comparison

vs Galvanist
Artificers and Galvanists have identical skills.

vs Tinkerers/Gadgeteers
All Machinists have the same Blockade skills
Tinkerers/Gadgeteers can make ranged weapons, accessories and cores
Tinkerers/Gadgeteers gat basic Sword skills and more Gun skills


Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L01 Focal Slice 130 instant 8s 7 STA
L03 Blade Dance 140 AOE instant 15s 8 STA
L06 Dual Wield (Sword) passive wield two one-handed swords
L11 Frenzied Strike counterattack instant 20s 11 STA +7.5 STA defense debuff
L14 Mangle 100 instant 25s 23 STA +15 STA multiple attacks, random dmg
L17 Corposant Slice 240 instant 25s 19 STA +13 STA 7s skill lock
Artificer SMITHING
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Smithing crafting weapons/armor/etc
L11 Weapon Breaker 250 instant 25s 13 STA +9 STA 25s attack debuff
L11 Bolster self buff instant 10s 10 STA +7 STA attack self-buff
L14 Contagion AOE poison instant 15s 14 STA +10 STA 10s of poison
L17 Melt Down crafting disassemeble
L20 Siege Pylon (Smithing) crafting 3s none make siege mines
L25 Siege Engine (Smithing) crafting 3s none make siege vehicles
Artificer ARTILLERIST (Gun)
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Tech Volley (Stun) 150 instant 8s 7 STA +4.5 STA stun
L11 Healing Shot instant 10s 6 STA +4.5 STA cure + heal target
L11 Poison Shot 200 instant 10s 5 STA +4 STA poison
L14 Detection Shot instant 5s 2 STA reveal + snare/slow concealed enemies
Artificer BLOCKADE
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Spirit Screen instant 40s 8 STA +6 STA block attack + chance to block more attacks
L11 Needle Counter instant 30s 15 STA +8 STA damage reflect

Neosteam Classes
Starting Jobs: Warrior Mystic Machinist Scout
Elerd Jobs: Crusader Templar Arcanist Evoker Artificer Gadgeteer Warden Shadowreaver
Rogwel Jobs: Vanguard Justicar Sorcerer Animator Galvanist Tinkerer Strider Nightstalker
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